Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Dolls In the Summer Heat

Got up at 10:30 this time, but wanted to finish Donna Parker: Mystery at Arawak and didn't get moving until past 11:30. Put on the second half of Classic Concentration as I ate breakfast. Apparently, the middle-aged woman won first, but a younger man came back and picked up several prizes, including a diamond necklace and a collection of porcelain dolls neither of them really wanted. She came back to win the next round, and came so close to winning the car! She missed it by two matches.

Switched to Match Game '74 as I cleaned up from breakfast and went through my records to clear out a few more. Micheal Evens, the first Lionel in The Jeffersons, gets to briefly discuss the beginnings of that show and the switch from All in the Family to a show of their own in the opening. The others have a harder time figuring out "__ Johnson" in the Head-to-Head.

Headed out to run errands after the show ended. The day remained pretty much the same as yesterday, warm and incredibly sticky humid. Good thing I wasn't going as far this time. Hit Dollar General first. I liked the sturdy two-pronged metal hook I bought from them back in March so much, I ended up buying another one for the front door. Strolled two blocks down and across the street to CVS for hair clips and a Polar Raspberry Lime sparkling water. (Meant to grab more plastic crates from the back, but totally forgot.)

When I got home, I had lunch, then brought the laundry downstairs and vacuumed. Ran Bikini Beach while I worked and ate. I go further into the third Beach Party movie at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Dressed the dolls for late summer and back to school after putting the laundry in the dryer. Samantha wears her current pink Swiss-dotted dress with the big lace collar with white Springfield Collection socks, her red bow strap shoes from the Spring Dress, and a lacy headband with pink flower. Ariel's in the dress I found her in, a pale blue mini-dress with Swiss lace sleeves and a crocheted vest, along with Springfield collection espadrilles. Felicity also wears a later "meet" outfit, her lavender Traveling Gown with the white stripes and embroidered flowers. Ordered a nifty pink minidress made from fabric "woven" with gold threads off eBay last month for Barbara Jean. 

Put Molly in Kit's blue School Outfit with the high knitted socks and tan Oxfords. Josefina looks lovely in her orange and red print Summer Dress with the three ruffles on the skirt. Whitney is the picture of a nifty 50's girl in the Our Generation Retro "Sweet Memories" outfit with the purple and pink-checked dress, a pink knitted shrug, the slip from her eBay poodle skirt, and white t-straps. Jessa gets to mix-and-match with Springfield Collection capris, the magenta t-shirt from the original 1995 modern doll meet outfits, and the turquoise striped socks and white and turquoise sneakers from the 2004 modern "Ready for Fun" meet outfit.

Had an early dinner while watching more All Star Family Feud. We had the battle of the family shows and comedy-dramas, pitting Love Boat against Eight Is Enough and What's Happening! against Family. Family is the only show I'd never seen, though I remembered Meredith Baxter as the mom from Family Ties, and John Rubenstein was familiar to me, too. 

Turns out the Family that works together, wins together. The wacky What's Happening kids never got close to them. The little girl in Family was especially funny. Her reaction when an answer appeared on the board that she didn't think was close to right was priceless. Susan Richardson of Eight Is Enough got so thrilled when she won the Fast Money, she dropped on the floor and scooted around!

Worked on writing after I finally remembered to bring up and fold the laundry. Tom Kennedy admits that they need to grab and destroy the Red King's scepter. His magic has already faded, but they have to eliminate the scepter to get rid of him.

Finished the night online with another B movie, Battle Beyond the Stars. When the peaceful farming planet Akir is threatened by tyrannical Sador (John Saxton), who destroys planets and kills creatures to use their body parts, the citizens send young Shad (Richard Thomas) out in the delightfully sarcastic sentient ship Nell (Lynn Carlin) to gather bounty hunters who'll defend them. 

He first runs across an insane former scientist (Sam Jaffe) who wants to breed him with his sweet and lovely daughter Naneilia (Darlanne Flugel), but Shad and Nanelia manage to escape. They find a literal space cowboy from Earth (George Peppard) who gives them weapons after Sador uses his Stellar Converter to destroy his original clients, a wealthy assassin (Robert Vaughn) who wants a quiet home, a lizard-like alien named Caymen (Morgan Woodward) who has a score to settle with Sador, and Nestor (Earl Bowens and John Gavins), five aliens bound by one mind who seek adventure. Saint-Exmin (Sybil Danning) is a female Amazon-like warrior who actually finds them when she's looking for a challenge.

To say this is a motely crew would be extremely kind, and no, they don't always get along. In the end everyone, even Nell, learns the true meaning of sacrifice when they all give of themselves and give up the things they want to save the peaceful Akirans from the sadistic Sador. 

Well, if you've gotta rip off something, The Magnificent Seven is as good a movie as any. The Beach Party movies aren't the only drive-in fodder I've found this summer that wound up being surprisingly good. This makes wonderful use of its eclectic cast and a very funny script, especially from Danning as the Amazon-like warrior who wants to show what she's capable of, Carlin as the hilariously sarcastic vehicle, and Peppard as the western-loving cowboy who gets roped into the adventure despite not even being a fighter. The special effects from a young John Cameron are frequently excellent for their era as well.

Is this cheesy? Yes. Is it a Star Wars rip off? Oh yes. Does it matter? Not a bit. I got a huge kick out of this one, but your mileage may vary, depending on how cheesy and low-budget you like your sci-fi. 

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