Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Last of Summer

Began the morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola on the Roku Channel. I used to rent this British cartoon about an older brother and his goofy little sister from the Haddon Township Library years ago, but those DVDs are long gone. Lola insists "I Like My Hair Completely the Way It Is," even though it's too long and is getting in her eyes. Charlie thinks she's afraid of getting it cut, but it's really the brush she's afraid of.

Worked on writing for an hour or so after that. Duchess Marcia is the one who finally lets Brett in. They're holding the tea party to distract the Red King and get his scepter. When it's destroyed, that will officially be the end of his power. It's already heavily weakened from being checkmated. Now all they have to do is provide a distraction...

Broke with enough time to change and head out early. I had one more bag of records to drop behind Goodwill. While I might clear out some clothes later in the fall, that should be the last bag of donations I'll be clearing out for quite some time. Got to the Acme with enough time to have a pumpkin muffin for lunch before beginning work.

Frankly, I needn't have rushed. We were dead almost the entire day. I spent most of my shift standing around, pulling sodas and organizing shelves...when I wasn't dealing with people who had WIC cards and didn't understand how they worked or what they were supposed to buy. They sent me out to do carts for a half-hour or so, then pulled me again, despite it not being that busy. At least, the lady coming in for me got off of her break early, allowing me to finish on time.

Which turned out to be a good thing.The self-checkout closed right as I finished because we had no one to handle it.  By 7 PM, we had lines down the aisles and not enough people to deal with them. I had a free online coupon for the Acme generic ice cream and bought Cookies and Cream. I probably should have done it tomorrow. I got into the express line and had to listen to a man complain because he had to wait and there weren't enough registers open and oh, he'll never shop with us again. He should have come earlier in the day if he wanted it to be slow. Better yet, he can try working for us. 

Rushed straight home after that. Had dinner and dessert while watching Match Game '75. We start off with the panel giving some interesting answers for "The Spirit of __" in the Audience Match. Richard had less luck with "Judy __" in the Head-to-Head. Later on, a contestant wearing a glittery butterfly t-shirt jokes she got it from Fannie Flagg!

Finished the night online after a shower with I Love Lucy. Lucy's hoping to learn French from a waiter who works at an exclusive French restaurant so she can order off their menu. The waiter really wants to meet Ricky and audition for him. Ricky claims he has no use for him, until Lucy suggests he do a French-themed show. Ricky's all for the idea, but not for his wife appearing in it. As usual, Lucy finds a way to get onstage in "The French Revue."

Bluey is excited when she and her family hit "The Beach" for a day of fun on the sand. Mom decides to go for a quiet walk...just as Bluey finds a seashell she wants to show her. Bluey learns why her mother enjoys her solo strolls when she has her own adventure following her. 

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