Monday, August 22, 2022

Rainy Day Angels

Slept in a bit today, which is probably just as well. The dull gray skies weren't promising. Cheered myself up with Bluey as I ate breakfast. After her parents move the crib and a lot of junk out of a storage room, Bluey decides she wants it as her own "Bedroom." She and Bingo are very sweet about it, agreeing to "share" a stuffed animal they both like and sending notes back and forth (until their mom says they really need to go to bed). 

(And...that brought back memories. I was about 9 or 10 when I got my first solo bedroom, much older than Bluey or Bingo. It originally belonged to Anna, but by 1988, I'd gotten tired of dealing with Rose's messes. It was much easier to let the two slobs live together and let me have my own space. Rose and I briefly shared again when we moved to West Cape May in 1991, but that lasted about a year. After Mom had Keefe, they decided he spent so much time in their room he didn't need his own. Rose took his room, and I shared my room with his toys, which I didn't mind at all. He mainly played downstairs in the living room anyway.

We didn't all get our own rooms until we moved to a split-level late 60's-era ranch house in North Cape May in 1995. The girls and I all had rooms on the top floor. Mom used to joke it was like a girl's dormitory up there. After Rose and I went to college and Anny had her son in the early 2000's, Keefe took my room, Mom and Dad moved to Anny's old room from the den, and Rose's room became a combination office, play room, and spare room.)

I left for work a little early. Wanted to donate those bags of toys, records, and collectibles I cleared out on Friday to Goodwill. Between having way too many bags for a ride and the heavy clouds, I took Uber. The lady who drove me dropped me off in the front. I hiked around back, dropped my bags with them, then headed across two parking lots and over to the Acme building for work.

Work is still frustrating. I got scolded today for not keeping up better with gathering the carts. How can I keep up with the carts if I have to take registers, clean up messes, gather trash, and do a thousand other little things too? I wish they'd get it through their heads that I'm only one person. They say "do the best you can," then complain because I'm not pushing the carts fast enough.

At least I was only there for four hours, and by the time it started to pick up, my shift was almost done. Not only did I keep up with the carts, but I was able to sweep the store and bring rolls of tape for the registers up front. I even managed to avoid the weather. I emerged to wet sidewalks around 2:30. It did shower lightly while I pushed carts up front, but never got really heavy. The sun even tried to emerge as I called Uber for a ride home. Surprisingly for the height of rush hour, they got there in 9 minutes.

Went straight into writing when I got home. Brett's getting very fed up with White Queen Helen and Red Queen Fannie claiming she can't figure out their nonsensical questions. The guys are, too. Charles and Orson put their heads together to figure out how to move things along.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Came up for the second half of Let's Make a Deal. Monty pulled two college students dressed as a cat and a cheerleader to guess each other's weight. They both won money. The cat lost out on a refrigerator, but the cheerleader avoided ending up with a live pig. Being college students, they were both perfectly happy with cash. The Big Deal of the Day went to a gentleman in white tie and tails, but I think a sister duo were far more excited about a trip to the Caribbean than he was about a new living room set and stereo.

Let Match Game '75 run while I had dessert. Announcer Johnny Olsen got a rare chance in the spotlight when Gene called him down to read a question on how he was around for the first game show, Cleopatra's "You Bet Your __." The contestant missed the obvious answer that pretty much the entire panel gave (and the same answer that anyone gave when dealing with Cleopatra). 

Finished the night online with Charlie's Angels at The Roku Channel. They're "Waikiki Angels" when the governor's daughter is kidnapped while on a secluded beach with her husband. The Angels train as lifeguards to put a stop to the antics of a group of beach bums who keep grabbing people and wrecking havoc on secluded beaches. 

(Oh, and the rain returned briefly but heavily around 10 PM. Good. We desperately need it. It's gotten so dry here! I have a friend whose garden is starting to droop badly.)

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