Thursday, June 16, 2022

A Cold Day In June

Got up with enough time to get some writing in. Brett reminds Charles that the Jabberwock can fly freely between Limbo and Looking Glass Land. Now that it's not trying to kill them, they could hitch a ride on its back. Charles, needless to say, is not thrilled with that idea, and the Jabberwock doesn't seem to be a fan of him either. Brett finally convinces him it's the only way they'll escape Limbo, rescue the others, and figure out what happened to Richard.

Had a very quick lunch before hurrying out to work. Surprisingly, given all the talk about the heat down south and in the Midwest, we were windy, cloudy, and very cool for June, barely in the 70's. Dodged a fair amount of traffic getting there, especially on the White Horse Pike and West Clinton Avenue as kids finished school for the year.

Work was insane for most of the afternoon. If people weren't buying flowers and gift cards for graduates, they were picking up food for birthday, Father's Day, and Juneteenth parties. Most of the morning and early afternoon front end employees called out, if they weren't already out for vacations or family emergencies. I got stuck in the express lane and spent almost the entire afternoon having anxiety attacks. Even when a cashier came in early so I could leave, I still left a little late because they had no other help and I had to take customers until another cashier came off break.

Rushed home as quickly as possible. Had dinner while watching Match Game '74. We get dueling Maxwell Smart impressions on a question about what Max has an insane desire to do while wearing a King Kong suit.  Don also has the best answer for "T __," but the pretty contestant is more interested in Richard. 

Switched to dessert during Match Game PM. Lovely soap star Erica Hope and Fannie Flagg took part in an argument over whether "seamstress" matched "tailor" on a question. There's also Brett and Arte Johnson's wisecracks on what Fannie did to her training bra as a 10-year-old. Brett didn't have much more luck with "Candle __" on the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night online with Soul to Soul at YouTube. I go further into this classic soul concert celebrating Ghana's independence at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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