Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Welcome to the Summer

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast in the front room before rushing out. It was still a nice, sunny day at that point. Thankfully, it continues to be much cooler here than it currently is in the south and Midwest, barely in the 80's. Dodged some traffic, but got into work just on time.

Work was dead almost the entire afternoon. It did get a little busy around the noon rush hour. Otherwise, we were pretty quiet. Had some trouble with a woman who didn't or couldn't get everything she needed for her WIC card. They don't have a book anymore; everything they need to read is online. We're also out of a lot after the holiday weekend, including the store-brand eggs and milk needed. It took so long to figure out what she got that wasn't on the card, I had to move and take other customers while the manager finished. All I did the whole time was panic. 

Rushed home the moment one of the college boys came in for me. The sun had vanished behind clouds at this point, but it remained fairly cool and breezy. It was even a tad chilly for the first day of summer. 

As soon as I got in, I went online to do some writing. Humpty-Dumpy is Richard Deacon, a grumpy, balding character actor who sometimes sits next to Brett on the show. Brett and Charles keep trying to get him to come down, but he either ignores their questions, thinks they're asking riddles, or asks personal questions from them.

Broke for dinner and to do the laundry at 7 PM. Ate while watching Match Game PM. Brett and Charles happily spend the episode sniping at each other, including over what a lion that's been trained to attack when it hears a bell eats. Gene's less amused when he has to fix the recalcitrant turntable and push it himself. Brett's more nervous about handling "__ Peck" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night after a shower and bringing the laundry upstairs with George M! I kick off two weeks of All-American Weekdays with this adaptation of a Broadway show about the life of George M. Cohen, featuring Joel Gray as Cohen and Bernadette Peters as his sister, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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