Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Let's Stay Together

Awoke to a cloudy, windy morning. That wasn't entirely a bad thing. It was much cooler as we strolled down the White Horse Pike, and there was a nice, strong wind. It wasn't busy, either. We had no problem stepping into Jalapeno's Bar and Grill by around quarter of noon.

They weren't busy, either. In fact, we were the first ones there. She had a huge salad, filled with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and olives (that she picked off - she doesn't like them either). I had my favorite vegetable quesadilla. They were delicious, and we enjoyed the meal...but we waited more than 10 minutes, and our waiter still didn't show up to get our payment. While it was busier than it had been when we arrived, it still wasn't that bad. We threw down money and his tip and rushed out.

By that point it was nearly 1, too late to take a bus to Barrington. I called for an Uber driver instead. He got us up the Pike to the House of Fun quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

The House of Fun wasn't busy, either. Alas, neither of us found anything there. We did better at in the overstuffed rooms at the Barrington Antique Center. She picked up two vintage scarves, one purple, one red and white polka-dot. I found two records, the original cast of the 1964 Broadway show The Girl Who Came to Supper and a songs-and-story record for the Disney Babes In Toyland

Since we got a later start, I texted Jessa and told her to meet us at 2:30, rather than 2. She didn't arrive until nearly quarter of 3. No trouble getting to Deptford after that. I haven't seen her because we've both been busy with work. She has two jobs at local warehouses. I told her about everything going on with me, from my doctor's appointments to Rose and Mom. (And no, Rose hasn't spoken to her, either.)

Pulled into the parking lot of the Deptford Mall around 3:30. We poked around Box Lunch and Go! Calendars and Games, but found nothing of interest. Jessa thought there was a smaller arcade downstairs, but it would seem it was removed or shut down. 

We finally just moved on to the big arcade upstairs, Round 1 Entertainment. We spent an hour running from giant Galaga/Pac Man game to giant Bust a Move to bean bag games to spin the wheel games. The skee ball machines were broken, but I did just as well with the bowling games next to them. Came in first on Mario Kart Deluxe, too, and with Pac Man, a character I've never used before. I kept trying and trying to win characters from the neon cranes in the center of the room, but had no luck whatsoever. Made up for it by finally earning enough points to pick up the cutest pink and tan anime-style kitty named Plum-Chan, with enough leftover for something next time. 

Hiked across the mall to Red Robin for dinner. We just caught them before they got too busy, too. Lauren had a Caesar Salad grilled wrap. I had a grilled chicken sandwich. It was slightly dry, so I added ketchup and mayo sauce from our tower of crispy onion rings. Jessa had a bowl of grilled chicken salad that was bigger than her head! 

Went back to to the other side of the mall to check out FYE and Boscov's. The FYE had slightly more DVDs than it did last time or than Cherry Hill, but still not a ton. No one got anything there. We all did far better in Boscov's. I picked up a new summer purse with a pretty woven rainbow design. Alas, the lining on the one I bought last year from Amazon ripped rather badly. Lauren picked up two shirts. Jessa bought a huge stock pot. 

Jessa drove us home through the back roads of Deptford and Westville, finally pulling in around 7:30. We had dessert while watching The Price Is Right: The Barker Era. We got to see a nearly-perfect win episode, plus a goofy Showcase Showdown skit with Johnny Olsen and the models playing mad scientists who turn themselves into something that represents the prizes in question.

I finished off the night on Amazon Prime with Listen, Darling. I go further into this early Judy Garland musical for the centennial of her birth at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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