Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Goin' Home

We slept for the last time today and didn't get out until past 11:30. Instead of eating at a restaurant, we opted to take advantage of the continuing good weather and get lunch from WaWa instead. I bought half of a turkey hoagie on a wheat roll and a bananas foster smoothie; Lauren bought a roast beef panini and a Starlight Coke. We each tossed in a bag of baked chips.

Stopped at Comicrypt on the way home. Lauren loves this little comics shop around the corner, at least when it's not mobbed. Local comics nuts and eBay sellers stop there when they first open at noon...and it was ten minutes past noon. I couldn't even get to the white and black and white kitties who were hiding in boxes. We shoved our way out with nothing.

After that, we decided it was safer to spend Lauren's last hour and a half in my rooms. Charles seemed to have a hard time hearing a question towards the end of Match Game '77. Gene used the bottom of Richard's chair as a "trumpet" to get the message across. There's also all goofy "old fashioned" answers to what Moses wears when he doesn't trust the parting of the Red Sea.

We took the mattress downstairs, then returned to Classic Concentration. An older woman from down south just seemed to have so much fun playing. She kept amassing prizes for her grandchildren, but couldn't get the puzzle. The girl who beat her did much better, going on to win a jeep. In the next episode, it was the guy who beat all comers, though he didn't have as much luck with matching the car.

Called for Uber around 2 PM. Lauren didn't leave until 3:25, but I know what traffic can be like in Philly. I was right about leaving early. There was heavy traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway going in. A trip that should have taken a little over 20 minutes ended up taking 40. Lauren and I got off at 30th Street, I hugged her good-bye, and I called another Uber driver to get me home. He also got stuck in traffic, but thankfully, wasn't more than three or so minutes late. By the time he took me home, the traffic had diminished, and this time I really did get back in a little over 20 minutes.

Soon as I got home, I grabbed the blankets Lauren laid on all week and took them down to the laundromat to get washed. Realized I forgot to get something for lunch tomorrow, so I made a second stop at WaWa, too. Got a sandwich for tomorrow and a Perrier and a pretzel for now. Tried to sit outside when my clothes were in the dryer, but not only was it hot and humid, but I nearly got attacked by a bee! I dashed inside in a hurry.

Put the regular laundry downstairs, then came up and messed around on the computer. Broke for dinner and Match Game '74. Burt Reynolds made a surprise appearance on this episode, not as a contestant or a panelist, but just to drop in. Apparently, he appeared on the original 60's Match Game during his years on TV westerns. He remained good friends with Gene, and Charles Nelson Reilly would be one of his best pals for years. Kaye Stevens barely left his side, and the female contestant just glowed when he gave her a kiss!

Tab Hunter and Marilu Henner joined in for Match Game PM. Brett got to toss out a few quips about how Fannie's __ are full of grits in the first question. Charles got to pretend to be upset over the made-up vaudevillians he created for "Austin __" in the Audience Match. He was far happier to help the contestant with "__ of the Morning" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night online with Mystery Science Theater 3000 as I finally remembered to bring up my laundry. The episode began with the sobering Last Clear Chance, a high school safety film about what happens when teens don't pay attention around railroad crossings. The robots may have found it hilarious, but given there are plenty of railroad crossings and reckless teens with cars around here, I take this one a little more seriously.

Radar Secret Service wasn't sobering, just dull. It's about as 1950 as you can get. Gangsters try to steal a shipment of uranium, but one gets caught. He leads them to the waitress moll of another gangster and convinces her to inform on her boyfriend. Frankly, their search for the uranium is one big ad for radar, which was a new technology then. The characters talk about it as much as possible, including when they're supposed to be doing other things. Other than a big shoot-out in the end, it's all talk and very little action. 

(Oh, and it's a good thing Lauren left when she did. She was long at home by the time it finally started pouring and thundering here. She's fine. No trouble on any train or anywhere on the road, according to her.)

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