Saturday, June 04, 2022

Tired Eyes

Got a really quick and early start today. We were out by 9:30 after I had breakfast to check out not one, but two town-wide yard sales. To tell the truth, we didn't really have much luck. Lauren wanted clothes for work; I wanted DVDs, records, and books. She found nothing. I bought the original cast album for Lost In the Stars in Collingswood and a packet of lemonade from an enterprising young lady in Oaklyn. (The lemonade was too sweet, but it did come in a neat clear plastic pouch that was kind of like an easier-to-open version of Capri Sun.)

At least it was a gorgeous day for a walk. Hot and sunny, under a brilliant blue sky, but there was a wonderful breeze and it wasn't humid at all. We finally made it to the Collingswood Farm Market by 10:30. She sat under a tree in the shade while I had a look around. 

They were already packed to the gills with people seeking food for their weekend barbecues and birthday parties. I could barely move around in some places. Snap peas are out, along with green beans. I picked up the former, along with more blueberries. (Even if I had seen strawberries, I learned the hard way last week that they don't travel well or last long upstairs.)

Tortilla Press is two blocks from the Farm Market on Haddon Avenue. They open at 11; we arrived 10 minutes early and sat under the shade on a bench while we waited. When they were ready, we were the first ones in. They even gave us the best table in the house, right in front of the wide picture window that opens all the way, allowing for soft breezes and excellent views of the people strolling up and down Haddon. We waved to the cutest two-year-old girl who stared up at us with wide eyes and a big smile before her daddy chased her to the steps next to the window. 

Tortilla Press is a Mexican fusion place that makes one of the best brunches in town. Lauren had shrimp tacos with spicy sauce. I had pan perdita, Mexican French toast, with fresh berry topping. Yum. The berries were nice and tart and not too sweet, making a nice compliment to the cinnamon-y bread. Lauren said her tacos were excellent, too - that spicy sauce cleared her sinuses!

I wanted to show Lauren a new store a block down Haddon from Tortilla Press. Time Lapse apparently opened last November. I tried to check it out during May Fair, but it was mobbed then. There was no one inside when we went in. It's basically a mini-version of The House of Fun that has records along with vintage toys, DVDs, videos, comics, kids' books, and knick-knacks. There's even old arcade games and working pinball machines. We both did well here. I found the soundtrack for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Lauren picked up a nifty keychain and a Roddy Piper stretch toy she didn't have. 

Strolled down Haddon next to check out that comic book store I found the day I got my new glasses. Like Time Lapse, they were empty when we got in. We both flipped through boxes and racks of books, but found nothing and headed out.

As it turned out, Lauren wasn't feeling well. She's had a cold and has been sniffling and sneezing for days. She settled under a tree next to the comics shop until she felt better. We tried to walk a few blocks to Westmont, but got no further than a bench in front of Say It With Clay, two blocks from Krispy Kreme. She was just too tired to go any further. I ended up calling an Uber to take us home.

We rested over cold drinks and episodes of Match Game '74...but, truth be told, I wasn't much more awake than Lauren. By the time Classic Concentration had Alex Trebek dressed as the late 80's idea of a hippie, we were both in bed and taking long naps. 

It was nearly 5 when we both felt up to dinner. Had it upstairs while watching more Price Is Right: The Barker Era. Some of the Showcase Showdowns in this era could get so strange. There was the one where Johnny Olsen played a gypsy with a passel of model daughters who were tired of his old-fashioned, stereotypical ways and wanted something new, represented by the prizes. There's also those time capsule episodes, with prizes hidden in a trip location. Or Johnny the Reporter's on-the-spot interviews with the models dressed as quirky 80's types like punk rocker and yuppie, whose wishes for what they want in life are represented by the prizes. 

Mom called shortly after I rolled out of bed. She's doing fine. She's still packing to move in with Keefe and Julia. They just moved into a larger apartment today. Apparently, Rose is going to take her brood down to Cape May County to see Lilah's dance recital...but she refuses to sit next to Mom. Anny finally scolded her, and she apparently said "oh, well, I can be civil to her."

That's it. I've had just about enough of Rose's childish, selfish behavior. Our mother is 66 years old. She's in good shape for her age, but how much longer does Rose think she has on this Earth? We're already down two parents (three, if you count Dad-Bruce's first wife Kaye), and one basically isn't speaking to us. She'd better be a lot more than civil. She'd better start apologizing for the way she's acted, because I've had it up to here with her. She's ragged at me about behaving like a child for years, and now who's the one who's acting like a baby? The one who is getting things done, or the one who's shutting everyone out because they won't do what she wants? 

Finished the night online. Watched The Last Unicorn on Tubi. I go further into this dreamy, dark 80's Rankin-Bass fantasy at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Even Lawrence Welk and his musical family enjoyed the occasional vacation. Despite being labeled "vacation songs," the 1967 episode was a trip of a different kind, with Jo Anne Castle dressed as "Minnie the Mermaid" playing her piano lying down while Larry Hooper attempted to dance with her in an old-fashioned diving suit. (Jo Anne later reported that neither costume was especially comfortable.) Cissy King also made her first appearance with Bobby Burgess, performing a lively Charleston to "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me." 

Later vacation shows had Tanya Falen Welk bring her baby son on to visit his grandpa during a salute to vacation resorts. Bobby and Cissy this time went Mexican, dancing to "In Acapulco," while everyone wore old-fashioned bathing suits while singing about "On the Boardwalk In Atlantic City" and start off singing about "Fabulous Faraway Places." In 1980, Kathie Sullivan wonders "Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?" while Tom Netherton is joined by a bevy wahinis for "This Is the Moment" in Hawaiian shirts and leis and hobo Ken Delo declares he's "King of the Road."

Let The Lawrence Welk Show take you on wonderful vacations without leaving home!

(Oh, and Lauren is feeling a lot better and says she's up to checking out the Gloucester Outlet Mall tomorrow.)

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