Friday, June 10, 2022

Out In the Sunshine

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and brushing my teeth. I was surprised with how nice it was outside. I thought it was supposed to rain sometime today, but it was breezy, dry, and gorgeous, in the upper 70's by quarter of 10. It took me too long to get going, and I was slightly late for my dental appointment. I hadn't been there for more than two minutes before they took me in.

I was only there for a routine cleaning and check-up anyway. Nothing like all the work I had done last year! The cleaning took about twenty minutes; the check-up and x-rays less than five. The doctor said I was fine. No trouble whatsoever, not even with my gums. I guess using gum-specific toothpaste and mouthwash paid off. I'll go back for a follow-up in September. 

Ran a few errands in the area next. Strolled across the street to drop off one last book at the Haddon Township Library. I did have a look around, but I have a bunch of books I've picked up over the past few weeks I haven't read yet. Went back over to Target for date bars and a card and gift card for my oldest nephew Skylar's high school graduation. 

It was past noon when I dodged traffic on Cuthbert heading home. After I got in, I watched Match Game '77 while having lunch. Came in time to see Gene discuss a contestant's hobby of collecting antique cars and almost forgetting to get answers from the panelists in the lower desks. Charles had an interesting word in response to a crack from Brett, while Elaine argued the judge not matching "bird" and "pigeon." 

Soap star Meg Bennet joined in to hear Fannie make a crack about sharing a dressing room with Brett in the opening of the next episode. They then got to admire a woman's collection of lucky charms from her children. They didn't do her much good. A police officer in an rather odd avocado-green suit won and got to ask Richard for help with "__ Bible" in the Head-to-Head.

Did a few things on my computer next. I needed to send a bill to the Clinical Neuropsychology Associates and get Skylar's graduation card out. Did some things online, too. 

Dropped the cards in the mail box on the White Horse Pike across from City Hall around quarter of 2, then picked up Uber from there. The traffic was awful going to the Gloucester Outlets. We must have gotten stuck in between tourists on their way to the Shore. At least it did allow me time to take a short nap.

I was mainly at the Outlets to return a bra to Lane Bryant. It was the style I wanted, but I grabbed the wrong size. They were able to quickly find the right size on their racks and make the exchange. Was in and out in less than 10 minutes. 

No luck anywhere else. I looked at Rack Shoe Store, Adidas, Sketchers, and Clark's for shoes, but found nothing. The 40 % off sale at Hanes required you to buy three or more bras. I only need two. Didn't see anything I could use at Jockey either, and nothing else besides the shirts at Eddie Bauer. 

I can't remember the last time I had an Aunt Annie pretzel. There's a small store on your left the second block after you come in, next to a combination Cinnabon and Ginny's Ice Cream. Enjoyed a buttery rich soft pretzel that was just right and an iced tea that was so sweet, I couldn't finish it at a small metal table in front of a shady patio with an unlit fireplace. 

Probably should have left earlier than 4:30. It took me nearly 10 minutes to get a car, and 25 for him to arrive. At least he was funny and pleasant when he did arrive. He told me about how his little daughter encouraged him to pick up the bright "trinkets," or Happy Meal-type toys. on his dashboard. And we hit no traffic this time. As he pointed out, it was still going down to the Shore. 

Went straight upstairs after I got in to take a look at a job service Vocational Rehabilitation recommended me for. Apparently JEVS hireAbility is a job program in Philly and Camden that helps disabled and challenged people find jobs. I printed out the applications, but was too tired to finish it. I'll do it tomorrow. 

Also did some writing, but was too tired for a lot. Brett and Charles barely manage to dodge an angry Jabberwock. Charles tells Brett to distract the creature while he goes after the Vorpal Sword. She has no idea how to do that without ending up as his lunch...but something in his paw might give her the answer...

Broke for dinner and Match Game PM. Loretta Swit made her first appearance in a while, joining jovial Richard Paul, sour Mary Wickes, and handsome Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden. We got a couple of adorably rowdy answers to what a man shouldn't touch on his girlfriend's bakery-themed t- shirt and why the psychiatrist never said anything to his client. Robert's more nervous about helping the contestant with "__ Christmas" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night with Captain Kidd on Tubi. Charles Laughton has a ball playing the infamous buccaneer who loots and destroys and English ship and buries the treasure on Madagascar. He then convinces the King of England (Henry Daniell) that he was the head of that vessel and the captain was the pirate who destroyed his ship and stole the treasure.

He rounds up a new crew from condemned sailors, including the more erudite Adam Mercy (Randolph Scott), then returns to Madagascar to intercept another British vessel. This one is carrying an even more precious cargo - Lady Ann Dunstain (Barbara Britton) and a chest of gold from India. They manage to switch both to their ship and kill off the Ambassador. Kidd wants to get rid of his other confederates and keep the treasure for himself, while Mercy has his own reasons for signing on with Kidd. He wants revenge for his family...but Kidd may get there first.

Truthfully, for a pirate movie, this moved super-slow and was really kind of boring. It didn't perk up until near the end, when we get a duel between Scott and Kidd's confederate Jose Lorenzo (Gilbert Roland) and Kidd starts to figure out why Mercy really joined his crew. See it for Laughton's delightfully scenery-chewing performance as the infamous buccaneer and some nice sets. 

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