Monday, June 13, 2022

Get a Job

Slept in this morning, which may be just as well. It was still cloudy in the morning when I rolled out of bed. Thankfully, that's all they were when I quickly gulped breakfast and headed out. Good thing, too. It was hot and humid enough as it was, even as the clouds lingered. 

We were off-and-on busy all day. I'm getting tired of dealing with people. It's really driving me crazy. Some of our customers can be such a pain! And it's getting scary, too. I heard officials catching what I later learned was a shoplifter. I was bored in a register when suddenly voices rose near the frozen food aisles. I don't know why anyone would try to steal from a store that's a block from a police department. He managed to get away, though I did hear the police say later that they were able to get the stolen items back.

Went straight home after work. There was a surprise waiting for me in the mail box. I was so intrigued by that All-Star Family Feud set Lauren bought last week, I picked up my own off eBay. This time, it worked just fine. 

But first, I finished off that application for the job search company. I mainly needed to look up how much I make in a week and a year. And...I have no clue what kind of job titles I want. Does "freelance writer" and "not in retail" count as job titles? Everyone assumes I want to stay in retail because I've been there for so long. No. I hate it, and I want out yesterday. I need to find something that will let me prove there are jobs out there with health insurance that I love. 

Had dinner while watching Family Feud. From 1979 to 1984, ABC ran a series of hour-long prime-time specials with celebrities playing for charity. They were usually from popular dramas and sitcoms of the time, although one episode did have Soap playing the hosts of the reality show Real People. WKRP In Cincinatti played The Love Boat earlier in that episode, leading to by far my favorite moment from the show. Fred Grandy couldn't keep his eyes off Loni Anderson's...assets...when he was supposed to be reaching for the buzzer! 

I enjoyed the show so much, I finished the night on YouTube with a week of Family Feud specials not included on the set. In 1983, Betty White lead Bill Cullen, Nipsey Russell, Jim Perry, and Bob Eubanks as the "Marvelous MCs." Peter Marshall, Leslie Uggams, long-time Miss America host Bert Parks, Jim Lange, and Tom Kennedy were the "Heavenly Hosts." Betty White is only the most brilliant woman to ever play a game show; anyone who has ever seen Bill on I've Got a Secret or To Tell the Truth know how amazing he could be on a panel. Between the two of them, the MCs made it to the Fast Money four times and won twice; the Hosts only made it once, but they did win once.

Here's the whole week, for your enjoyment!

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