Monday, June 27, 2022

Home In the Rain

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's "Clean Up Time" for Daniel and O when they have to put away Dan's farm toys. This becomes more important when Daniel loses his watch, and they have to clean up the toys Dan dumped out to find them. The kids take part in "Neighborhood Clean-Up Day" when a strong wind blows sticks, leaves, and trash all over the playground. Katerina doesn't want to help at first, until she realizes how hard it is to twirl in a messy playground!

Put on Match Game '75, but got caught up in looking at my journals from last year. Last winter was just such a mess. All Jodie did was complain and rant on her side of the house. Rose was helpful...until things started to get down to the wire, and then she assumed I'd move in with Mom and threw a fit when I couldn't. No one in the family could fill Uncle Ken and the dads' shoes and do and be everything to everyone. I really wish they taught us how to do that, how to be everything to everyone, instead of just assuming someone would take over when they weren't there. 

And I'm still trying to figure out why Rose got upset. Because she was worried I'd get hurt riding around on my bike, living up here with all the traffic? Because she thought I'd end up living with her, and she'd have to take care of me on top of everything else she does? Because she was angry I didn't keep her more up-to-date about what was going on when I was looking for an apartment? I didn't because I didn't know what to say. I kept trying and getting turned down. She's just so intimidating, it's hard to talk to her sometimes. That makes her a great lawyer...and very difficult to explain problems to.

Finally ended up looking for writing job ideas online. I'm not really sure what I can do, besides write. The only time I've ever done almost anything is out of desperation. I took the job at the Acme because every office in North Cape May in 1999 turned me down, and I had no idea what else to do. I thought I could be a secretary for the manager of the store, but grocery store managers apparently don't need secretaries. I've spent the last 20 years being told by my parents, my co-workers, and my counselor that people only take jobs to make money and have health insurance. 

I was thoroughly depressed when I got on Zoom to chat with Mrs. Stahl. On one hand, other than Lauren getting overheated during the walk on Saturday, our vacation went very well. We even got to check out a mall I hadn't been able to get to before. I'm also glad my dental appointment went well, and while I am concerned about my diabetes numbers being higher than I'd like, I'm actually in pretty decent shape at the moment.

Still haven't heard from Rose or hireAbility, though. I'm wondering if they actually got my paperwork. If I don't hear from them by Tuesday or Wednesday next week, I'm going to call them or Vocational Rehabilitation and see what's going on. I have no clue what to do about Rose. Finley's birthday is on Sunday. I'll try to at least drop her present off, but I can't see Rose inviting me like she did last year. 

Oh, and Keefe invited me to a baby shower for his new daughter in late August. I'm not sure if I can - or should - go. I could probably get time off of work and take the train down there, but there's the matter of where to stay. Keefe and Julia have a small apartment, and Mom will be living down there by August as well. I haven't stayed at hotel since 2001. It's a lot easier to plan a vacation when you're just staying at a friend's house. I need to talk to Mom about it.

The rain finally started around noon, a heavy, soaking rain that fell in heavy sheets off and on. By the time I got off with Mrs. Stahl, thunder and lighting were added to the mix as well. Between the weather and how tired I was, I wasn't really up to anything but a nap. 

Got up about an hour and a half later for a little writing. Brett's a little worried when The Red King (Mark Goodson) and his slovenly Red Knight (Jack Klugman) follow the clumsy guards into the woods. Not only do they not find them, but the Red King scolds Jack for not being more careful and getting to Humpty in time.

Broke at 6:30 for dinner and Match Game '74. McLean Stevenson got really wild this week, even for him. He kept running out and kissing all of the men when the contestants won, including Gene and Richard, who weren't terribly happy about it. Meanwhile, Charles's face is somewhere between shocked and disgusted when Brett jokingly says they're engaged! 

Vacuumed and pushed the Swifter during Match Game PM. The audience was a flat-out nuthouse during this episode! They screamed curses, yelled at every answer, booed loudly, and cheered even louder. Gene looked like he was going to pop a gasket a few times. Charles even fled to the back of the set at one point and wrote an answer there, hoping to separate himself from the pack and the noise. Meanwhile, Richard Deacon is dressed as an actual deacon, and Robert Pine is nervous about helping the contestant with "Grizzly __" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night at HBO Max with Who's Harry Crumb? Harry Crumb (John Candy) is an incompetent private eye who has been assigned to find a millionaire's missing model daughter Jennifer (Renee Coleman). He suspects her shallow stepmother Helen (Annie Potts) and her tennis coach lover Vince (Tim Thomerson) kidnapped her, especially after a note arrives demanding ransom. Neither Detective Casey (Valri Bromfield) nor Eliot (Jeffery Jones), the current manager of the Crumb & Crumb Detective Agency, think he's much use, but Jennifer's neglected younger sister Nikki (Shawnee Smith) is more than willing to help crack the case. Helen's not the only one behind the kidnapping, though...and it'll take all of Harry's bravado and sheer dumb luck to track down the real crook and keep them from skipping town.

Pretty typical Candy vehicle from the late 80's, released just prior to his breakthrough in Uncle Buck. There's some funny moments, especially his trying so hard to improve his vocabulary and show off, and some, like his Indian air conditioner repairman schtick, that definitely wouldn't fly today. Fun for a rainy afternoon if you're a fan of Candy or wacky random comedies from the 80's and early 90's. 

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