Saturday, June 25, 2022

It's a Hot Summer, Charlie Brown

Started off a quiet morning with breakfast before heading out. It was already hot and sunny at quarter of 10. The sky was a searing blue and the humidity was through the roof. At the very least, I did get out fast enough to arrive right on time.

And that was probably the most exciting thing that happened all day. We were dead for almost my entire shift. It did get a little steady on occasion, but nothing overwhelming. Plenty of help, too, especially later in the evening. I spent a lot of time standing around, writing story notes or organizing soda coolers. Everyone's either at the Shore, were out at picnics or barbecues, or are waiting for the beginning of the month and the big holiday weekend next week. I picked up yogurt for breakfast this week and oatmeal cookies on sale during my half-hour lunch break.

Went straight home and into dinner after work. Watched He's a Bully, Charlie Brown while I ate. Chuck's not sure he's going to like camp when a bratty kid picks on him and Snoopy the very first day. He plays Re-Run for his grandfather's prized marble collection, and the little boy is devastated when it turns out this kid plays for keeps. Angry for once, Chuck learns the ins and outs of marble competition from Snoopy in order to get Re-Runs marbles back and beat this little jerk at his own game. Meanwhile, Marcie teases Peppermint Patty about her being with Chuck at camp, prompting her best friend to abandon summer school to join them.

Finished the night on Tubi with Tom Sawyer after a shower. I go further into the 2000 animated direct-to-video version of the beloved Mark Twain novels at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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