Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Dolls and Angels

Got a very quick start this morning! Barely had time to gulp down breakfast before I dashed off to work. I I rushed across the White Horse Pike and down the Black Horse Pike and barely got to work on time.

Work was confusing. I was originally listed as bagging. I swept the store and then gathered carts, but was pulled after an hour. The head manager didn't want two baggers. Trouble was, they didn't really need an extra cashier, either. We just weren't that busy, and they had plenty of help for once. I mostly shelved candy until around 1:30. Turns out the head of the online shopping department called out sick, and they pulled the bagger to handle her orders. I spent the remaining two hours sweeping and pushing carts again.

At least it was a nice day to be in and out. Blue skies, brisk breezes, hot - probably in the mid-80's - but not humid. Between the weather and this being close to the beginning of the month and a major holiday, I'm surprised we were even mildly busy. Everyone's probably getting ready for the weekend. 

It was such a nice day, after buying peach muffins for lunch next week, I stopped in downtown Oaklyn for a treat. I first thought of Phillies Yummies, but they weren't open yet. Then, I went across the street to the new juice place, but they close at 3 on Wednesdays. Finally ended up at Common Ground Coffee House. Had a frozen hot chocolate (which was really more like a chocolate milk slush) and a "cinnamon chuffin" - a cinnamon roll made with flaky pastry baked in a muffin tin. Yummm. Sweet, spicy, and flaky. Had my treat outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

After I got home, I changed and watched Tattletales while settling down. Greg Morris of Mission: Impossible and Vega$ and his wife Lee were the last-minute big winners today, over Janice Lynde and her husband William and comedy writer Jack Douglas and his sweet Japanese wife Keiko. Whammies flew fast and furious on Press Your Luck; the one guy got three in the first round alone. In the end, they took him out, and a cool little old lady named Jonie got a Hawaiian vacation and money to spend on it.

Dressed the dolls for July and Independence Day while the shows were on and afterwards. I finally found Felicity's white Summer Gown with the wide floral sash for a decent price on eBay last year. Molly's in her Camp Gowanigan uniform and saddle shoes. Whitney's ready to dance in the American Girl Revue Tap Costume that was also an eBay find and Molly's tap shoes. (The bottoms of the red tap shoes that came with the outfit are coming off.) Josefina wears her original school outfit, her Indigo Skirt and Camisa. Samantha's Sailor Middy and Tam was the second outfit I got for her after her Christmas dress. She wears it with black stockings and black and white boots. 

I originally bought the blue and bright pink-red terrycloth romper for Ariel, but it didn't come with the original jacket, and the tube top is kind of brief. I gave it to Barbara Jean instead. Ariel's outfit is entirely home-made other than her white Swiss lace Springfield Collection espadrilles. She has a patriotic patchwork peasant blouse Lauren found in her area and jean shorts from one of the local craft shows. Jessa keeps things simple in the red t-shirt from the original mid-90's Blue Jean Basics, jean short-alls, and purple jelly sandals. 

Tried to work on writing, but I was too tired to concentrate. I don't know why I get so caught up doing nothing, like looking up the history of hotels in Las Vegas or something when I should be doing work. I'm supposed to be writing, but it's too easy to get distracted. 

Had dinner downstairs, then finished the night after a shower with Charlie's Angels at The Roku Channel. "Angels In Vegas" was the two-hour third season premiere. No less than original Rat Pack member Dean Martin is the owner of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Vegas who's seen suspicious deaths happen to two of his closest friends. He hires the Angels to find out who's behind the murders. Kelly joins the Moulin Rouge show as a can-can dancer, Kris gets hired by the casino's lounge singer (Dick Sargent) as his partner, and Sabrina works with the owner...and falls for him. He tries to push the girls away when he thinks they'll get hurt, too, but Sabrina won't abandon him...and then Kris disappears, right after meeting with the singer for rehearsal...

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