Saturday, June 11, 2022

Rainy Day Blues

I was so worn out today and slept so late, I didn't really have time for the farm market or to ride into Westmont like I originally planned. Besides, by the time I finally had breakfast and headed out, the weather was terrible. It was cloudy and cool for this time of year, barely in the 70's. That felt great, but I was more concerned about those dark clouds. It did rain while I rode across Oaklyn and into Audubon, a steady shower that left me more than a little damp when I arrived.

The only reason I went to the Acme today was to get my schedule. For some reason, it never showed up online. Ugh. I'm working a week straight through again. My next day off isn't until next Saturday. In good news, the earliest I work is 10:45, but that means I'm getting off later, too. And I'm cashiering all week again. I was so upset and frustrated, I got too noisy and upset someone sitting in the lounge area having a break, too. I was so embarrassed, bought a Propel and rushed out as quickly as I could.

Stopped fast at Dollar General as the rain fell off and on to pick up envelopes. I have nothing to send the paperwork for the hireAbility place in. Wanted a large envelope, but ended up buying the larger form of letter envelope when they were out of those. 

Had a snack at A&A Soft Pretzels a block from Comicrypt to make me feel better. I told the lady I wanted one of the twists with everything, but she gave me a regular smaller pretzel. Oh well, it was probably all I needed anyway, and it still tasted good. 

A friend let me pick records out of a box she was going to donate to Goodwill. I came up with:

Nat King Cole - The Nat King Cole Story, Vol. 2

Andy Williams - Born Free

The Supremes - Diana Ross & the Supremes 25th Anniversary

Hooked On Classics III

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds

Dick Clark: 20 Years of Rock N' Roll

Spent the rest of the afternoon upstairs in my rooms. Watched two of the Match Game '74 episodes I saw earlier in the week with Lauren during lunch. The first episode was the one with Jackie Joseph and her flowered headband and dress. The second brought in Bert Convy and slightly ditzy Cuban blonde Louisa Moritz. 

Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I got organized. "Daniel Waits With Dad" when he needs to go to the dentist. Dan really wants to hit the library for the new Tigey the Adventure Tiger book, but first, he has to amuse himself in the waiting room at the dentist's office. He really wants to go to the park, but his baby sister Margaret's shoes are too small. He has to wait while Prince Tuesday and his mother find "Margaret's New Shoes" for her.

I was too tired for anything else. I settled down for a nap until around 4 PM. After that...I wanted to write, but I mostly just puttered on the computer. I should have been writing, or working on that application. I'm so worn out. I keep getting so caught up online and staying up way too late, or getting so caught up that I don't do the writing I'm supposed to be doing.

I did manage to get something done with my story. Brett realizes that there's something wrong with the Jabberwock when he keeps whimpering. Turns out he has a big stick in his paw. She pulls it out while Charles retrieves the Vorpal Sword.

It was quarter after 7 before I finally broke for dinner. Watched Doc McStuffins while I ate. "Fetchin' Findo" is a realistic toy puppy who can "fetch" his toy bone via an electronic chip in his nose. When the chip stops working, Doc opens a veterinarian branch of her office to help animal-like toys who can't talk like her other toys can. Jaz and Chaz are "Twin Tweaks," twin acrobat toys who can normally do all kinds of flips and stunts. Doc has to help them figure out why they propel each other apart instead of together after an accident with Stuffy knocks the magnets off Jaz's feet.

Finished the night on HBO Max with Another Cinderella Story. I go further into the first sequel and first musical in this franchise at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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