Thursday, June 30, 2022

Down On Haddon Avenue

Started off the morning with a quick breakfast and the tail end of Supermarket Sweep. There was no bonus round run for 5,000 in this episode, because this was the first day of their Tournament of Champions week. Each contestant pair already won the big money and had come back to win even more. The Big Sweep was fun, with everyone gathering four magazines and moving bags of dog food onto their table to get extra money. 

Continued with Match Game '75 while getting organized. Carol Bartos, one of the biggest winners in the show's history, gets her first game here, while Bob Barker (The Price Is Right) and Arlene Francis (the 60's Price, What's My Line?) make this something of a game show crossover week. The others try to figure out "Pie __" in the Audience Match and why Dumb Donald wouldn't see Jaws

Headed out after that. Had a few errands to run, starting at the PNC Bank in Collingswood. There were a few people in line at quarter of 1, including a very old lady who was trying to deposit several smaller checks and seemingly confused about it. Thankfully, they opened a second teller, and I was able to do what I needed to do and head out. (I saw the woman's grandson waiting for her outside, so at least she had help getting home.)

After a quick stop at WaWa for cucumber-lime water, I parked my bike and finally hit Samaritan Thrift. They were having a lot of great sales, including records for a dollar. Picked up three of those, plus a birthday card for Finley and a new baby card for Keefe and Julia for a quarter each. 

I originally considered taking the train up to Haddonfield, but while it was hot, up to the lower 90's by 2 PM, it also wasn't humid, and there was a nice breeze. Thought a ride would do me some good. Wanted to stop at the Haddonfield Record Exchange on Haddon Avenue, but they didn't open until 3, so I moved on.

Rode up to King's Highway instead. Inkwood Books used to be in a tiny storefront. Sometime in the last two years, they moved across the street to a store that was at least twice the size of the old one. I was hoping to find the last book in the Caraval series or more of the mystery series I couldn't find at the libraries. I did see a nifty Golden Book on Betty White, but I had such a hard time deciding, I just ended up moving on. 

Went to lunch at the Bistro at Haddonfield after I got out of the book store. I far prefer their shady outdoor tables to the pitch-dark seating inside. They make terrific salads; their pear-spinach is my favorite. A big pile of spinach under chunks of juicy chicken, chopped pears, crumbled fresh bacon, and bits of blue cheese. (It also used to have candied walnuts, but mine didn't. Maybe those have gotten too expensive.) Still as tasty as ever. I enjoyed my meal while listening to college students and office workers chatter around me. 

Was in and out of several stores for the next hour. The reason I don't visit Haddonfield more often, other than it being a long ride, is there isn't much there. They have lovely consignment shops, boutiques, and gift shops...all of which are expensive as heck. I'm not paying the same price for a used shirt that I would for a new one, and I don't care if it does have a designer label. Even one cookie at the cookie shop cost $3.75. As much as I like their toy shop the Happy Hippo, that's a bit much, too. Their small Care Bears are $17. They're $9.99 at Target. They've always been expensive, since long before the pandemic began. Just ended up buying mouthwash and a sugar-free Gatorade from their CVS before moving on.

Haddonfield Record Exchange proved to mostly be a disappointment, too. Their records were twice the price of the ones in Collingswood and Westmont, and they had no $1 bins. On the other hand, they did also have books and CDs, which Innergroove Records doesn't carry; Phidelity has CDs, but not books. Found two small "discount" crates up front and another one in back. Pulled Senior Prom, a Time-Life 50's music collection, out of one. I figured $10 for four records wasn't that bad, and was certainly a better bargain than anything else in the store. 

The other records I found were:

Arte Shaw and His Orchestra - Moonglow

The Melachirino Strings Orchestra - Moods In Music: Music for Relaxation

Johnny Mathis - The First Time (I Saw Your Face) 

By that point, it was past 4:30, and traffic was getting worse on Haddon Avenue. It was time to start back toward Oaklyn. Made one final stop at the Westmont Acme for date bars on sale. Dug through a cart of half-off Crest toothpaste while waiting in line. With the half-off coupon, the regular sale, and two online coupons, a tube of toothpaste that was originally $7.49 came up to $1.49! 

Tried to go into writing when I got home, but I was too wiped out. Broke for dinner and Match Game '74 instead. Brett gets a lot of jokes on her glittering Atlantic City t-shirt, including from Charles and Richard, and tries to flirt with Anson Williams. Noisy Kaye Stevens is happier to play with her fluffy feather boa and annoy Richard. 

Put the laundry on, then went back to Match Game PM. For some reason, they jumped back to the beginning of '77 for the episode with Nipsey Russell and Rosemary Forsyth. Gene tries to calm a nervous contestant, while the others wonder how "Alfred __" came out to "Alfred Einstein." 

Finished the night online with Two Girls and a Sailor. I go further into this classic MGM musical with a sister act competing for a handsome serviceman at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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