Friday, July 01, 2022

Little Summer Showers

Began the morning with breakfast and sunshine. It was still pretty nice when I headed out, sunny and more humid than yesterday, but nothing out of line for early July. Ran into one of my former neighbors in Oaklyn on my way to work who mentioned she heard about an apartment that was renting for $950. That was nice of her, but I don't think they'll take me. As I tried to explain, it doesn't matter how much money I have in the bank. I just don't make enough at work for most renters. I need to find a better job before I can find a better home.

I was supposed to be cashiering today, and I did start out doing that, until around 2. Then, they pulled me to take carts. The afternoon bagger was late, and the morning bagger needed help. I continued doing carts until quarter of 6, after which they pulled me again to take customers. One of the cashiers went on break. Doesn't help that we're at the beginning of the month, and a lot of customers aren't in the best of moods. Heavy clouds gathered and it showered later in the day, but nothing heavy, and it was long gone by the time I finished. 

Picked up shortbread cookies and more of those on-sale date bars after work. Mixed feelings on my schedule next week. My hours on the 4th of July aren't bad at all, and there's no 8 1/2 hour days...but I also have an extra-early day on Sunday and my next and only day off is Friday. I really hate this working 7 and 8 days straight through business. I know I'm not supposed to complain, since people in hospitals and factories work 60 hours a week around the clock,'s still tiring. 

I was bone-weary when I got off. Went straight home and into dinner Match Game PM. Fannie Flagg is delighted to flirt with an older former Air Force soldier throughout much of the episode. Dick Martin, sweet little Sarah Kennedy, and the others are more content to figure out what a much-married person has on their towels and and "Game of __" on the Audience Match. (Oh, and fantasy fans, the answer isn't what you think...)

Finished the night at Paramount Plus after a shower with The Love Boat. Everyone's gambling on love during a big casino-themed cruise in season seven. The woman who organized the cruise (Celeste Holm) has to deal with bailing out her troubled brother (Richard Jaeckel) yet again when "The Buck Stops Here." Her brother is the one who convinces a newlywed (Leah Ayres) to throw her money and her husband's (Shea Farrell) to the wind for a big payout that could leave them with more for a new house "For Better or for Worse." A man about to sell a rare coin (McLean Stevenson) says "Bet On It" when he and his girlfriend (Jo Ann Pflug) spend the weekend glued to a slot machine after she uses the coin in it. 

(Oh, and it looks like Let's Make a Deal with be making at least a temporary return to Buzzr this summer! In good news, there will be a marathon on the 18th. In annoying news, starting that Monday, it replaces Match Game PM. At least it's a show I really like and admittedly have missed seeing on the channel. Hey Buzzr, while we're bringing back old favorites, how about dragging Family Feud off the weekends, bringing back the Monty Hall Split Second, or putting Blockbusters back in the mornings?)

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