Sunday, July 03, 2022

Holiday Weekends and Matches

It was just cloudy and humid when I got up early this morning...but by the time I was getting dressed and having breakfast, we were in the middle of a full-blown, noisy thunderstorm. Obviously, I wasn't riding to work in that weather. Thankfully, it took nine minutes for the driver to arrive, and less than five to arrive at the Acme. 

Work wasn't a whole lot more fun than yesterday. Though the sun did come out later in the morning, we were still insanely busy. We had enough help, for once, and we were still busy. It's a holiday weekend and the beginning of the month. At least two other people came in early with me, and more arrived later in the afternoon, and the lines were still long. There were a few cranky people, but most were in much better moods, probably because the rain didn't linger.

I was supposed to be done at 2 PM. Someone else left at 2 as well...and of course, they sent the one person coming in for them and didn't bother to tell me I had no relief. They finally sent a manager in for me...after I was already late leaving and had a very long line. 

It was sunny, bright, and humid when I finally emerged. I was too tired for anything but calling Uber to take me home. Had no trouble getting a driver; they arrived within six minutes and got me home even faster than that.

After I got in and changed, I checked my phone. One neighbor called; another texted. Apparently, there was a stabbing in the parking lot of the Acme, and they were worried about me. What?! I had no idea. One of my customers mentioned about an hour or so before I left that there were police cars in the side lot near Arby's and it was taped off, but he didn't know what happened, and I didn't, either. I was inside all day, and not really paying attention by the time I got off. 

I tried to find out more information, but there seemed to be nothing online besides a couple of Facebook posts that didn't know what happened, either. Finally got fed up and went down for a much-needed nap at 3. Rolled out of bed at almost 5, still dead tired.

Called Mom to wish her a happy 4th of July; ended up talking to her for over an hour. She's officially moving to Virginia on the 28th. Keefe and Julia will come down the 27th on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry with his truck. She'll drive Mom's car and a rented UHaul back; he'll take Mom and anything that doesn't fit in the UHaul. They're going mid-week to beat the traffic going to the Shore and the beaches in Delaware and Maryland. 

We're both still really frustrated about Rose. I haven't heard from her since that one call on my birthday. Apparently, Rose didn't say much when she saw her at Lilah's recital a few weeks ago, and they left early anyway because her five-year-old daughter Finley got fidgety. No one's heard from her since, not even Anny and Keefe. 

I've gone from upset to flat-out angry at her. To paraphrase Balki in the first Perfect Strangers Christmas episode, Rose gives great advice, but when the tables are turned around, she acts like a big baby. Mom and I couldn't have afforded to live together, even if I could have figured out how to get down there. We don't make enough money to rent a house at the Shore. The area is very expensive; always was, even going back to my childhood. It's the reason we moved from rented house to rented house every year or two, because we'd be constantly looking for ones we could afford. 

Rose's idea of "sacrifice" means "doing what's good for her, not anyone else." I'm tired of her snubbing Mom and bossing me around. I'm not a child, and she needs to stop treating me that way. She threw a fit last fall when she said I wasn't planning well enough to get an apartment...and then turns around and gets angry because her plan doesn't work out? Why does everyone have to do everything her way? She's a lawyer and a mother. She should know better than to act less mature than her five-year-old daughter. 

Mom suggested I write her or call her. I'm not sure I'm up to either. I'm afraid I won't know what to say at all, or say things in the heat of anger that we'll both regret. I just want her to understand why I stayed here and to talk to Mom. Mom's in excellent health for a 66-year-old, but she's still not going to be around forever. She's only hurting everyone around her by cutting herself off like this - her family, her children, her mother, me, herself. Considering Mom still isn't speaking to a lot of her family, you'd think she would understand that better. 

It was past 6:30 when I finally broke for dinner. Ate a quick leftovers meal while listening to America the Beautiful. I put on this Reader's Digest collection of patriotic-themed songs and pieces the Sunday before every 4th of July. Most of my favorites are on side 2, record 1. I love the clip-clopping rhythm of the Grand Canyon Suite and hearing people sing along to familiar George M. Cohan tunes during a medley at a Boston Pops concert.

Finished the night on YouTube after a shower with rare and underrated Match Game episodes. I haven't seen a Match Game run yet I haven't enjoyed. I even like the few remaining episodes from the 60's version and what little I've seen of the recently-ended Alec Baldwin run. (Granted, I haven't seen the notoriously cheap 1998 version yet.) 

The show ended on CBS in the spring of 1979 and immediately moved to syndication later that fall. Some of the syndicated episodes are as funny as anything that turned up on CBS. (In fact, there's syndicated episodes that are supposedly so ribald, they're banned or lost due to humor that was offensive even then.) The ones I went with here are the hilarious show that began with Charles Nelson Reilly in the contestant's seat, claiming he's Art Fennbach, a 29-year-old father (to which Brett answers "You wish!") and the first episode to feature Betty White and Trotter, the sweet black mutt who belonged to Gene Rayburn's daughter Lynne. 

Likewise, other than showing the goofy episode where Gene Rayburn wore that really hideous green plaid suit, Buzzr hasn't run a lot of Match Game '73. Granted, some early episodes are lost or damaged, and there's at least three that are banned for offensive answers (including the second pilot), but there's a also lot more that are as funny as anything that turned up later. Likewise, they've never shown any of the PM episodes from 1975 and '76. Gene spends a lot of these episodes dealing with equipment malfunctions on the stage, including a turntable going the wrong way in '73 and Joyce Bulfant's microphone coming loose in a 1975 nighttime episode. 

Loved finally getting to see Match Game '90 from late 2020 through last summer. Many fans ignore this version because Gene's not the host, but it has a lot going for it. Charles is back as a regular, and Brett appears for a few weeks around Halloween. I honestly like the host, Ross Schafer. He's charming, handsome, and a lot funnier than people give him credit for. Other enjoyable semi-regulars here include Betty White, Marcia Wallace, Fred Travalena, comedian and voice artist Joe Alasky, Pam Stone, Brad Garrett (who did a dead-on impression of Charles), Sally Struthers, Jimmie Walker, Stuart Damon, Vicki Lawrence (who started a feud with Ross late in the run), and Ronn Lucas and his dragon puppet Scorch. Showcased the premiere episode here and Brett's first show, revealing that she and Charles are still having more fun than anyone else around them.

If you're looking for something different in your matches, check out these rarities!

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