Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Rushing In the Rain

Had a quick breakfast this morning before finally calling back my counselor at the Vocational Rehabilitation office. He called me Friday, but I worked 8 1/2 hours and ran out of time to call him. He's now sending my information to Abilities Solutions, who will help me assess my abilities, strengths, and weaknesses and figure out what my next move should be. 

It had better be "out of the Acme." I can't handle retail anymore. I've told everyone for 20 years that I am NOT suited to cashiering, or even really bagging. I can't multitask, I get upset easily, and I have panic attacks over the slightest problems at the registers. I don't belong in retail, period. I'm there for the health insurance...but the health insurance isn't worth much if you're dead. In the last three weeks, I've seen two violent scuffles with shoplifters, and there was the knifing incident on Sunday. My co-workers are nice enough, but tend to be very negative. None of them want to be there, either. And there's the high manager turnover. We just got another new manager (a younger woman this time) two days ago.

Everyone has this adorable idea that just because a person works in a place for 20 years means it's what they want to do. I hate this job. I've hated it for 20 years...but I had to keep it, because I needed money and free health insurance. I need to find something I actually like and am good at and will let me have health insurance and real money, so I'll have the money to buy or rent a real home somewhere that isn't here. 

The counselor and his supervisor said Abilities Solutions will be calling me in a week for a series of five phone sessions intended to map out what I can and can do, what my abilities are, and 

Worked on writing after I got off with the counselor. Charles knows the Red King and Red Knight are expecting a messenger from Queen Betty. He stains his face with grass and passes himself off as the "Great Hooatta" (a play on his Hoo Doo character from the supremely bizarre Lidsville) to deliver the message (and bologna sandwiches) to the Red King.

Broke for lunch while watching more All-Star Family Feud. This episode came from a week of vintage TV shows playing each other for charity. I was a little leery of this series. I've never seen Petticoat Junction and have never been fond of the too-cutesy The Brady Bunch. The Bradys started out well, but the ladies of Petticoat Junction made a comeback in the end. They went on to win the Fast Money in record time, too.

Left work a little early to pick up salads for meals and more of those fudge-topped shortbread cookies. Work was insanely busy for most of the day. Not only is it still the beginning of the month, but it's also Senior Discount Day. The weather was lousy, too. It was cloudy and cool when I left; it rained later in the afternoon. And everyone is still fussing over having to bring or buy bags. Sorry people, it's not my fault everyone leaves them in their car. Thankfully, this time, it slowed down enough for me to close with no relief.

The rain had just stopped when I hurried home. Went straight into the shower, and then upstairs to finish the night with The Cuckoos. I go further into this goofy early talkie action comedy featuring Bert Wheeler and Bob Woosley at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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