Saturday, July 09, 2022

Summertime Showers

Got a very quick start this morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel and his friends learn about being safe and signs that show them how to be safe on the street from Prince Tuesday when he takes them on a "Safety Patrol." Katerina and Daniel learn about "Safety on the Beach" from Dan's mom when she reminds them to stay with her and not run into the water.

Hurried off to work shortly afterwards. I got lucky. Turns out the head bagger was supposed to push carts, but she prefers to handle customers, so I got to push the carts. I did end up going in for several cashiers' breaks and once when we were busy for about five minutes. Otherwise, I pushed carts, swept the store, and cleaned up a spilled watermelon mess. It showered off and on all afternoon, but by dinner time, the rain and the crowds had passed. It remained cloudy, humid, and unusually cool for July, but no more rain. I was able to get off with no trouble.

Grabbed a few groceries during break and after work. I like the Acme's peanut butter cookies, but they don't often have them. Got a salad for lunch today and lemon poppy seed muffins for later in the week. Cherries were on a really good sale, too, and I got some more nuts for my days off. 

Went straight into dinner and Doc McStuffins when I got home. Doc's friend Emmie tells her new talking parrot toy to "Say It Again, Sadie," but she can't talk. Doc discovers she has a switch that flips into "learning mode," and reveals why it's important to constantly talk to younger kids so they'll learn new words. Older toy Salt Water Serge feels out of place among the flashier space toys and their glowing lights and button-filled Command Center playset. He and Doc finally show why it's "Mind Over Matter" when Donnie takes the Command Center to his playdate, and Doc, Serge, and the others have to figure out how to make their own playset.

Finished the night online with The Magic Riddle. I go further into this odd Australian animated fairy tale hybrid at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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