Monday, July 25, 2022

They Love Paris

Started off the day with a more languorous breakfast than I have had and Doc McStuffins. Dress Up Daisy is "The Lady In the Lake" when she puts on a water skiing show for Doc and her crew. She doesn't think the life vest Doc hands her is fashionable, until she ends up falling in the lake and has to be rescued. The kangaroos from the Kick 'em Kangaroos game are "Black Belt Kangaroos" when Hallie the Hippo teaches them to up their kicking game. Sydney wants to learn more advanced techniques, but he realizes he needs to figure out how to focus first when he hurts himself by attempting a move.

Did some writing after I ate. Sir Richard says he wants to fight Jack, but his speech is garbled, and his mind appears to be a bit scrambled from his fall. He does manage to get the best of Jack, but not after falling over and off his horse several times.

Broke for a very quick lunch. I tried to get another cartoon, but Disney Plus is acting up on my TV. I'd start an episode, but it would either cut out during the credits, or very early in the show. It took me so long, I ran out of time for anything but changing, eating, and getting things together for work. Though it was cooler today, into the lower 90's, and there was a really nice cool wind, I didn't like the look of the dark clouds overhead at all. Ended up getting more rides to work. Thankfully, both rides arrived in less than five minutes both ways.

Work was a pure pain in the rear. Normally, I'd rather be bagging, but I kept having to do 600 things at once. I'd try to push carts, only to be calling because there was a spill. And then, I had to clean the women's bathroom because a homeless woman used it to wash her laundry and overflowed the sink. I wasn't happy about that at all, and I told the manager too loudly and got into trouble. 

Got dinner as soon as I arrived at home and changed, then went straight upstairs and into Match Game '77. David "Bosley" Doyle made his first of many appearances on the show this week. I came in just in time for the male contestant to give a rather bad answer that came with several ribald matches. They did better with "__ Papa" on the Audience Match.

Had dessert during Match Game PM. A sweet young college student had a hard time figuring out what type of animal Tom Thumb might ride in the rodeo. (For the record, I didn't match the panel, either. I said "flea.") Her handsome challenger got some really interesting answers for "__ Bunnies" in the Audience Match, including one that offended ingenue of the week Suzanne Sommers. 

Finished the night on the Kanopy library streaming site with the 1964 comedy Paris When It Sizzles. Screenwriter Richard Benson (William Holden) is supposed to have been writing a script for demanding producer Alexander Meyerheim (Noel Coward). What he's really been doing is slacking off and avoiding work. Secretary Gabrielle Simpson (Audrey Hepburn) comes with her bird and typewriter to help him work on the screenplay, only to find he hasn't really done much yet. Her radiant joy and sweet good nature finally inspires him to get started. She eventually comes up with ideas of their own, turning their "screenplay" in a spoof of every cliche ever seen in any movie of the time, from Gabrielle's vampire horror to Richard's romantic comedy caper. 
Extremely strange caper makes fun of every type of movie in general, including other films Holden and Hepburn appeared in. It's weird and hilarious if you know anything about movie cliches or writing real screenplays. Paramount didn't get it and let it sit on the shelf until Charade came out, but I think this one is equally worth seeing for fans of the stars or genre satire. 

Incidentally, I heard thunder around 4 PM and went in. It's rained off and on ever since, including heavily around 10 PM. 

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