Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Making Changes

Started off the morning with breakfast and more She-Ra. Glitter rescues Bow from the Horde, but all she does is brag about it. She and She-Ra wind up with a lot more than "Small Problems" when the potion a Horde scientist researched for Catra turns out to be a shrinking formula. Tiny Glimmer, She-Ra, and Swift Wing dodge small animals who no longer seem so cute as they make their way back to find a potion that'll reverse the process.

Went online after I finished eating. Made a list of not only all the jobs I was interested in, but all the reasons I wanted out of the Acme. Everyone keeps looking at me like I'm crazy for not wanting free health insurance. Is it crazy to want to be happy at work, too? I need structure and routine, something I don't get at the Acme. I'm tired of the constant personnel turnover, working 20 hours this week and 40 hours the next, having to do six thousand different things at once, and dealing with customers. I've never liked it, and it's only getting worse. I need a job that allows me to make money, have health insurance, and do something that I enjoy and can be proud of. 

Vanessa contacted me via Google Meetings. She basically wanted to know what I wanted out of a job and what my skills and interests are. It's a lot harder to answer the last two than the first. I'm not sure what my skills are, other than reading, writing, editing, and organizing things. I have so many different interests, they're all over the map, from collecting dolls to media history to game shows. She also recommended looking at mobile homes. I tried that in December and January, but there really weren't that many available, and most were in 55 and over parks. I'll try again, now that it's the summer.

She wants to assess my skills and see how well I do in a professional setting by having me work at a series of local businesses. The first will be doing typing and filing for the Collingswood Senior Center on Collings Avenue, a block from the Haddon Avenue Historic District and bordering the parking lot with the Farm Market. I forgot to explain I don't know anything about Microsoft Word or making a spreadsheet or other things you need to know in order to be a secretary. I'll try to explain it when I see her again in two weeks.

Broke for a very quick lunch while watching Classic Concentration. A young woman went up against an enormous former football player with shoulders wide enough to block her and Alex Trebek. She, however, wound up being the one who picked up all the prizes and guessed both games played. 

(Incidentally, in addition to the schedule change next month, Buzzr's going to be running a two-week Password marathon starting on the 9th. If the commercials are any indication, it'll focus on rare episodes and ones featuring either summer words and puzzles, or people named Somers - Marc Summers of the Nickelodeon Double Dare and Brett Somers of Match Game

What I'm excited about are those rare episodes. Looks like Buzzr will finally be showing Bill Cullen's stint hosting Password Plus and the Password '71 episode with Brett playing her hubby Jack Klugman. Password '71 alone is worth the whole marathon. Most of that series was wiped; only 12 episodes are known to exist today.)

Went back online for this month's counseling appointment with Mrs. Stahl. I did explain my ongoing problems at work, but we mainly discussed all the trouble I'm still having with my family. I really wish Bruce, Bill, and Uncle Ken hadn't exerted so much control over their children and especially their wives. They assumed money would fix everything, without training anyone to fill their shoes after they were gone. My mother and stepmother are still reeling from losing their husbands and having to sell their homes. Bruce's house was in the family for generations, and Rose and her family worshiped the pool and were upset when they no longer had access to it. 

My attempt to find an apartment last winter was a farce. No one wanted to do anything. Jodie and Mom said Rose should take me in, until I finally got it through Mom's head that Rose doesn't have the room. Rose was so convinced Mom should take me in and "be a real mother," she threw a fit when she couldn't afford it and still refuses to speak to either of us. I'm sick to death of their mollycoddling...and the mollycoddling from the dads, too. If Bruce was still alive, he would have just co-signed on another apartment for me. The last thing I need right now is for members of the family to keep doing things for me I should be able to figure out myself. 

After I got off with Mrs. Stahl, I went online to ask for my counseling days off next month, then headed out. Wanted to run some quick errands. Stopped at Target to take advantage of a buy one, get one 25% off sale to pick up date bars and try strawberry-mango fruit leather. 

Cuthbert was surprisingly quiet for rush hour. The White Horse Pike was slightly busier, but it still didn't take me long to arrive at WaWa. Got money for my nephew Skylar's birthday on Sunday from the ATM machines and a Oreo mint cookies and cream smoothie and pretzel for a snack.

At least it was a better day for riding around. While it remained cloudy and a bit humid, it was also a lot cooler than yesterday, back into a far more normal mid-80's. Thankfully, it didn't rain until the early morning, and not for long or as heavily as last night.

Got home in time for writing. Jimmie (Walker) the Dodo explains the "Rules of Battle," which seem to mainly consist of getting back up after falling. Richard does manage to beat Jack, barely, but though they part amicably, Jack vows to return and beat him again. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Ate leftovers while watching Match Game '77. Sadly, Buzzr skipped the first episode that featured sweet and nervous Bertha, a dear older woman who not only won a lot of money, but captured everyone's hearts as well. She was just as adorable her second time around as the panelists helped her with "Lou __" on the Audience Match. 

Went into dessert as Match Game PM ran. Sarah Kennedy of Laugh-In was on fire tonight, getting most of her answers right for the sweetest Marines pilot in California. Hans Conried looked on as Gene tried to play matchmaker with a stewardess and the Marine and Richard helped with "__ Boiled" in the Audience Match.

Finished the night on YouTube with Anything Goes. I dig further into the 1936 version of one of the two most popular Cole Porter stage shows featuring Bing Crosby and original cast member Ethel Merman at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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