Thursday, July 07, 2022

Helping Others

Awoke to a steady shower. It lightened even as I worked on reading The All-Girls' Filling Station's Last Reunion. By the time I ate breakfast, it had stopped. The roads were wet, but otherwise, I was clear to ride to work.

And that may have been the most exciting thing that happened the entire time at work. I ended up in a register for all of one minute this morning before I was pulled to gather carts. Really, there wasn't much to gather, but even on a day that was cloudy and crazy humid, I still didn't feel like hanging out inside. 

I did receive a compliment from a customer about how hard I work and helped two more outside to their cars. The Acme donated hot dogs, burgers, and buns to a lady with a non-profit organization that was having a charity event this weekend. The lady who owned the organization and loaded her car with the items was so funny and sweet, I hope her event was a rousing success! The other lady had stitches that were healing and was afraid she'd pull them out if she lifted her 35-pack of water again, so I loaded the water in her car. She was a real sweetheart and very appreciative. 

It remained cloudy and humid, even though it hadn't rained again. Decided not to take chances and just rode straight home across Oaklyn. By that point, the road was almost dry, and it was fairly busy for 3 PM with kids hanging out at Phillies Phatties and riding in clusters down West Clinton. They were probably trying to get out before Mother Nature did anything again.

After I got home, I changed and had a snack while watching Tattletales. I was surprised to see Marcia Wallace on the show today. A lot of her jokes on Match Game and Match Game-Hollywood Squares revolved around her perpetual unmarried state. She must have brought along whatever guy she was dating at the time. She was just as funny here as she is on Match Game, especially with the question involving whether or not she'd stay and disrobe at a nude wedding. Orson Bean and his equally hilarious then-wife Carolyn wound up being the very big winners, with over $1,500 for their section.

Finally wrote a letter to Rose I intend to put in Finley's birthday gift bag during Press Your Luck. The first round was fairly subdued, with no Whammies at all. That changed big-time in the second round. It came down to the one young man and the champ. In the end, the young man hit a Whammy, and the champ picked up money, a stereo, and a Bermuda vacation she said she really wanted.

Broke to work on writing. I had a hard time getting the USB port working this time. The mouse wouldn't roll, and nothing came up when I put my USB stick in. Refreshing it several times seemed to work for the stick. I didn't realize until much later that the battery I put in the mouse was loose. It works fine now. I was even able to transfer all of my in-progress Match Game stories to Google Drive. 

I did manage to get a little writing in. Mark (Goodson) the Red King feels a bit faint after catching sight of all the strange faces a green-skinned Mad Hatter Charles makes. He insists on a bologna sandwich. When that doesn't work, he asks for hay. 

Broke at quarter of 7 for dinner. Watched Match Game '77 while I ate. Gene admonishes Richard in the opening to tell his son Gary not to juggle and take everyone's mind off his performance. Meanwhile, we get a joke about the audience being so hostile, Brett won't go onstage without a __, we have a Buzzr crossover with Richard and Bob Barker, and Richard gets to figure out "__ Albert."

Had dessert during Match Game PM. Tall and gangling Peter Issackson and dear old Mary Wickes joined in to witness Gene hamming it up on one knee in his entrance and Charles' amusing answer to the question about what the inflatable doll gave birth to. Richard has a harder time with "__ Sour" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night after a shower with Tanned Legs from 1929 on YouTube. I go further into the early talkie tale of a young woman who tries to stop a blackmailer at a beach resort at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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