Friday, July 22, 2022

Hot, Hot, HOT!

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and a call to Uber. It's just too hot for bike riding, especially since I'm not as close to the grocery store as I used to be. They arrived within 13 minutes; good thing I called them a bit early.

Spent most of work either outside, putting away full carts of returns, or sweeping the floor. I became overwhelmed when I had to do at least three or four different things at once, including sweeping the store, putting away full carts of unwanted groceries, and cleaning up two messes. At least I never ended up in a register. The head bagger was more than happy to take customers until the end of my shift. We weren't that busy, anyway. Many people may have fled to the Shore or the Poconos once it got hot, or they're hiding in their pools or air conditioners.  

Got my schedule right after work. In good news, slightly more hours, two four-hour shifts in a row, and two days off, Tuesday for counseling. Since my other day off is Friday, I think I might try Marlton again and finally check out that American Girl resale store. Not looking forward to an early 8 1/2 hour shift next Saturday, though.

Did a little bit of grocery shopping next. Found peach muffins for lunch next week at work and versions of those shortbread cookies with lemon curd centers on the bakery clearance rack. Cherries are on sale with an online coupon. Since Dollar General only has packs of Strawberry-Kiwi Propel mix, I picked up Grape packs. Grabbed a gift card and a card for a friend's birthday tomorrow. 

It continued to be hot, sunny, and sticky humid even when I got out. It remained no day to be running around. Once again, the Uber driver took about 13 minutes to arrive and got me home within five, even with the beginnings of rush-hour traffic. 

Went straight upstairs and into Tattletales and a snack when I got in. This time, we had a clear winner in Ron and Kaye Masak, who got the very last question right. The Whammies mainly hit the one guy on Press Your Luck pretty hard in round one and took out the champ at the last minute. The other woman avoided Whammies and picked up a dice table, a stereo, and money. 

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. The Cheshire Catwoman (Lee Merriweather) reappears in a tree as Brett and the guys try to figure out what to do next. She insinuates that Sir Richard Dawson the White Knight survived his fall out the window of White Castle...but he's changed, thanks to being hit in the head by the Red King's magic.

Broke to have leftovers for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '77 while I ate. The contestants kept on tying each other all throughout the episode. They played two tie breaker games before someone finally won too late to do the Audience Match. Richard did better with "Vegetable __" in the opening Head-to-Head round.

Monty had even less luck with his dealers on Let's Make a Deal. Another Ann and Andy duo had money, but wound up with a nice fur jacket, luggage, and containers of the St. Ives apricot scrub my mother swore by in the mid-80's. Someone else got money on the Door 4 game, too.

Finished the night after a shower with The Love Boat on Paramount Plus. Captain Steubing is given an award as "Rhino of the Year" by a men's club that does good deeds. Considering they also spend the voyage playing pranks on passengers and generally being annoying, he's not exactly honored to accept it...and is even less-so when he learns they won't have Issac as a member because of his skin color. A couple on the verge of divorce (Kevin McCarthy and Stella Stevens) decide "One Last Time" to give love a shot. A man (Paul Kreppel) hires a sex therapist (Donna Pescow) to show his brokenhearted impotent friend (Paul Sand) that he's still virile, but she wonders if she's doing it "For Love or Money" when she falls for him. 

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