Saturday, July 02, 2022

We've Got Trouble

Began a cloudy, humid morning with a quick breakfast. I didn't like the look of the weather. It was supposed to rain all day, though it wasn't raining at that point. I ended up calling Uber, just in case it rained later. They arrived in even less time than listed and got me to work in five minutes. 

Work was a complete pain in the rear. We were off-and-on busy again, and some of the customers were downright rude. One man threw an absolute fit, first when I tried to explain he had the wrong bowls of fruit to get the 3.99 sale, then when I had to open the top of a pack of Gatorade. It wasn't a real 12-pack. It was actually two 10-packs together in one box, but he wouldn't believe me. He claimed he refused to listen to me because he didn't know me. That's a poor excuse for ignoring someone who knows what she's doing. I told him so, and he ended up cursing me out. I got so upset, I was in tears, even though the nice older lady after him told me he'd behaved badly and it wasn't my fault. 

(As if to point out how ridiculous he acted, a lady also picked up the wrong bowls for that fruit sale near the end of my shift...but she said she worked in retail for 14 years and went back for the right bowls without making a fuss, and even left with a smile on her face.)

Needless to say, I dashed out the second I finished. The rain was supposed to arrive by 5, was still just killer humid and a little cloudy. Even so, I opted to call Uber again. This time, the man arrived in under ten minutes and only needed a little more than 5 to get me there, dodging rush-hour traffic on the White Horse Pike. 

Put on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for what amounts to their 4th of July episode as I changed and got organized. "Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm" with their parents. Daniel is nervous to ride Peaches the Horse at first, but his dad holds his hand until he gets used to it. Likewise, Dan holds his baby sister's Margaret hand the first time she feeds the ducks. They're excited about their 4th of July beach picnic with "Fireworks and Fireflies." Margaret's never seen fireflies before and is a bit scared by them. Daniel holds her hand until she's happily chasing them and trying to catch them. Neither of them are big fans of the noisy fireworks and end up holding each other's hands. 

Had dinner downstairs, then went online for the 2003 Disney version of The Music Man at Amazon Prime. I celebrate the 4th with the TV version of the beloved Broadway show at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Happy 4th of July! - The Music Man (2003)

Ended the night with The Lawrence Welk Show on YouTube. Welk celebrates the 4th by taking three tours of the US, with songs representing cities and famous landmarks. Native midwesterner Welk of course includes "Chicago" in all three shows. It's performed by the band in 1981, as a lively ballroom waltz by Bobby and Cissy in 1977, and with a trio of girls joining the orchestra in 1971. Arthur Duncan also gets three different tap numbers. He's flashier when he says "Give My Regard to Broadway" in 1977, but goes a little more down home for a salute to the California town "Avalon" in 1981. Anacani's best number is a gorgeous "Rose In Spanish Harlem" from 1981. I adore the version of "Charleston" that's also from '81; Bobby and Elaine Niverson especially have a great time here. Another cute skit from '81 is little girl Kathie Sullivan telling reporter Ken Delo how "Everything's Up to Date In Kansas City." 

Let Lawrence Welk show you the landmarks and beloved songs of America!

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