Thursday, July 14, 2022

Out In the Sunshine

This time, I actually managed to get out a little earlier. There was traffic on both Pikes, but I still managed to make it to work without being terribly late. I wound up sweeping and pushing carts for the entire day. There was no one to do it when I came in, and when the head bagger did arrive, she wanted to handle customers. Fine by me. Not only were we not busy, but it wasn't a bad day to be outside. Hot, yes, in the lower 90's, and still very humid, but also sunny and breezy. Most people are likely either at the Shore, or hiding from the heat at home. I was in and out with no trouble whatsoever.

Went straight home and into Tattletales after I changed and settled down in my gaming chair. Comedian pair Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara and Darren McGavin of Kolchak and A Christmas Story and his wife Kathie Browne were the last-minute winners today, over Ross Martin from Wild Wild West and his wife Olavee. All of the guys had trouble with a question that asked whether his lady had an easier time making friends with older or younger people. The ladies did better when asked if their husband would fight an unfair parking ticket in court or pay for it. 

Press Your Luck got even wilder. Whammies flew, fell, and tripped all over the place today. They ultimately took the champ out early in the second round. It came down to a handsome young college student and a very enthusiastic grandmother-to-be. He hit a Whammy on his last turn, leaving her with a pile of money, a trip to Hawaii, and a big hug for Peter Tomarken! 

Broke for writing after Luck ended. Charles drags Brett to watch the Lion (Dick Martin) and the lovely Unicorn (Dolly Reed Martin) fighting for the Red King's spare crown. They're not the only ones in the crowd, either. They reunite with Jimmie (Walker) the Dodo, who is concerned for the rest of their friends. 

Had a lovely dinner outside, then came back in for Match Game '77. Fannie talks about a play she did with Polly Holiday in New York in the beginning (I wonder how that went?). Meanwhile, there's some interesting responses to a question about what an overweight ballerina wears. Richard does better figuring out "__ Sponge" in the Head-to-Head.

No less than award-winning play and screenwright Abe Burrows appeared on Match Game PM this evening. He was joined by soap star Rosemary Forsyth and Betty White along with the regulars. It was a good game, with one contestant just barely coming out in the end. Everyone had fun with their answers to "Ray __" in the Head-to-Head...including Gene, who struts something terrible when his name comes up! (Abe Burrows is less-than-amused, claiming they're playing the rest of the game under protest.)

Finished the night online with The Rose. I go further into this harrowing biopic that turned Bette Midler into a star at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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