Friday, July 15, 2022

How I Spent My Summer Day Off

Started off a nice, quiet morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Dan learns that slow and steady is the way to go when "Daniel Takes His Time" to tape up a drawing for his Grandpere and help him mix his favorite raisin bread. "Sometimes It's Good to Go Slow" when you're on a nature walk with your class. Miss Elaina rushes around so much, she misses seeing the butterfly she so much wanted to admire, plus the many other animals and plants around her. 

Switched to Match Game '75 while finishing breakfast and making my grocery list. The first episode was from the same week as the infamous "Admiral color television" PM incident. A sweet but extremely pregnant contestant has everyone a little on edge, even as Richard helps her with "Hour __" on the Head-to-Head. The second one began the week with William Shatner and Broadway star Julie Harris. Gene walks straight into the camera for an extreme (and kind of scary!) close-up, while he and Richard attempt to flirt with Julie.

Headed out to run errands after Match Game ended. I needed groceries and to get my schedule, so I could call Vanessa later. I did manage to buy most of what I needed. Had digital coupons for pads and yogurt. Grabbed salt-free almonds and found a good sale on Purex laundry detergent. Got Caress soap for half-price off the clearance racks; picked up a few bakery items with manager's coupons. 

I kept waiting around for my schedule to be ready. And waiting. And waiting. It was supposed to have been up at noon, but it still hadn't been posted by almost 2. When I finally got into line, the older man behind me started to make jokes about me and hit on me. I didn't think he was funny at all. I thought he was obnoxious and rude. I dashed out of the store as fast as I could. 

I couldn't help myself. I started crying when I got outside. I wish that damn health insurance wasn't so important! If it wasn't for the free health insurance, I would have left this job ages ago. It's nothing but a pain. People are rude, and I'm tired of schedules that have me working 40 hours one week, 20 hours the next. 

And when they finally did give me my schedule...yeah, it's still bad. Three days off in a row, from Monday through Wednesday, will be a big help to my well being. It won't be a help to my wallet, though. And when I do work, it's early. I would give anything for either a consistent schedule, or one I had more control over! 

Ducked through Oaklyn on my way home. The revamped Phillies Palace (formerly Phillies Yummies) was finally open when I was there, so I thought I'd try it. Originally wanted chocolate chip water ice, but they were out, so I went with a medium strawberry lemonade. Ooh, very cold and fruity, but also way too sweet. The medium was bigger than I thought it would be, too. I enjoyed most of it while watching two teenage girls and their beautiful husky enjoy a treat, then two boys try to decide what ice cream they wanted. (I loved how the boys, who were around 9 or 10, gave a younger boy who was about 6 a high-five.)

Called Vanessa the moment I got home. To my frustration, she assumed I'd be getting my schedule for the next two weeks. I finally made an appointment with her on the 26th. I know I have that day off, because I have counseling with Mrs. Stahl later that day. 

Rested and had a snack while Tattletales was on. Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller have become one of my favorite couples on the show. They're just so funny! They came in second to Darren McGaven and Kathie Browne. (Who knew each other so well, they were married until Kathie's death in 2003.) Press Your Luck got really wild in the second half, when the ladies kept passing turns. One of the ladies got slammed with Whammies twice in a row, which allowed the one guy to sneak in and win with trips to London and Rome.

Worked on editing my story for a while after that. Got so into it, I didn't break for dinner until 7. Watched my last weekday Match Game PM on Buzzr for a while after I ate. It started with some funny moments, including Dick Martin, Brett Somers, and Charles Nelson Reilly playing "cards" (with their blue writing cards) when they were out of a question. Richard ran into trouble when he misheard Gene's "Pall __" in the Head-to-Head as "Paul __," and answers have to be an exact match. He didn't look too happy after that...

Finished out the night after a shower with Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation at Hulu. Buster and Babs spend their vacation riding a raft on the river, dodging rabbit-eating southern possums and alligators while having an epic water fight. Plucky begs Hampton to join his family on their trip to major theme park Happy World Land, then seriously regrets it when it turns out they're the type of smiley-happy family who would give the Osmonds cavities. Fifi is desperate to meet her favorite skunk star, but he's an egotistical jerk who would rather use her. Shirley wishes she left Fowlmouth at home when he takes her to the movies and annoys everyone in the theater with his chatter. Elmyra terrorizes the animals at the local safari park.

My sisters and I were huge Tiny Toons fans, and we used to rent this one a lot in the early 90's, especially during our actual summer vacation. Plucky's vacation from hell is probably the funniest segment, but Fowmouth's bad behavior at the theater and Buster and Babs downriver also have their moments. If you're also a fan of the show (and understand or don't mind some of the topical jokes), this is highly recommended warm-weather viewing. 


Linda said...

Wait...what? What older guy in line? Was he a store employee? I hope you reported him if so. If not, you still shouldn't have to put up with "being hit on" and joked about in line. You should have reported him to management. He WAS being obnoxious and rude--he was NOT "being funny." You shouldn't have to put up with shit like that.

Emma Redmer said...

He was not a store employee. It was a customer who thought they were funny. It was less "hit on" than making jokes, but I still didn't appreciate them. Yes, I told the managers up front.