Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Computerized Harts

Started off the morning with breakfast and heading out, a little earlier this time. It was supposed to rain sometime today, but when I left, the sun still shown. It was a little humid and still warm, but a nice breeze did help somewhat. It wasn't busy anywhere, not even on the White Horse Pike.

Thankfully after yesterday, work was pretty dead. I suspect a lot of people may have gotten an extra day off yesterday for the holiday. We're now past the beginning of the month, the weather was iffy, and the next major holiday isn't until early September. I mostly shelved candy and organized coolers between customers. My relief was already in the store, and was right on time coming in for me.

Went straight home after work. In addition to the clouds building up in the sky, I wanted to do some things I hadn't done in a while. But first, I brought the laundry downstairs, then had a snack while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Mickey's Big Camp-Out" has him and his friends hoping to earn badges for setting up tents and catching Gooey Fish. Donald isn't happy to be paired with Goofy and would rather be out on his own. He learns why camping with friends is so important when he damages the tents and has to lend his friends his.

Switched to an episode of The Odd Couple while taking down the patriotic decorations. Felix sadly recalled how "The Odd Holiday" turned sour when he, his wife Gloria, and Oscar and his wife Blanche went on vacation to the Carribean a few years before. He was hoping to save Oscar and Blanche's marriage...but as usual, he overdoes it, and the week ends with Felix's wife Olivia asking for a divorce.

Moved to more lovey-dovey couples on Tattletales while working on dusting the living room. Comedianne Patti Deustch and comedy writer Donald Ross were just about the perfect couple, and they proved it by making a major comeback in the second half. They even had a question about whether their baby son Max looked like his father or his mother. (For the record, everyone, man and woman, said the kid absolutely looked like his dad. Including his dad.)

Press Your Luck got really wild in the second half as Whammies flew fast and furious...and so did passes. Everyone kept getting money, tossing their spins to the next person when they got money, then losing the money. The one lady finally got a water bike that put her over the top over the champ.

Tried to go into writing after that...but my laptop wouldn't let me in. I tried to sign up, but it wouldn't let me. Then it wouldn't get off caps lock. I kept pressing at buttons, but then I'd add too many letters, and I couldn't erase them. It was being a pain before I banged on it. Truth be told, despite being only 2 1/2 years old, the HP hasn't run right since I upgraded to Windows 11. The sound will drop in and out at weird times, and it'll suddenly become hard for me to left-click on app buttons unless I left-click on them first. 

Finally gave up around 6 PM and called Uber. They arrived within 10 minutes. I figured Best Buy in Cherry Hill was my best bet this area for a wide vareity of laptops. Took less than 10 minutes before he pulled up in front of the Best Buy at the Market Place.

The laptops are scattered over displays in the back. I thought it was time to try my first Chromebook. I don't need much in a laptop. I don't play video games on it. When I have the time for games again, I'd rather have a separate console. I watch TV, write, and chat on it. That's it. Saw three Chromebooks I liked that were good prices. Naturally, the cheapest on clearance was gone, but the one next to it wasn't bad at $169 with tax. Got a young man to get it down from a series of cages over the display. I bought it from him at the nearest counter. Picked up Uber there in less than five minutes; got home in ten. The entire trip didn't take more than 40 minutes.

Spent the rest of the night after a tasty dinner setting up the thing. It may be cheaper, but it's also a lot different than Windows. For one thing, it doesn't use Windows. Considering how much of a pain Window updates were on my last two laptops, that's not an entirely bad thing. I inadvertantly set up a whole new Google Account trying to get in, though. I also didn't realize how many apps Chromebook doesn't support, including OpenOffice, which I use extensively. I really need to find something else to use offline. I don't trust writing things online. You never know when the internet will die on you. 

Finished the night on The Roku Channel with Hart to Hart. "Death Set" has Johnathan and Jennifer witnessing a friend of theirs accidentally killing her husband when he returns late and she's paranoid about him possibly leaving her. His brother hopes to fill his shoes, but the Harts have suspicions about his motives, especially after their friend's housekeeper turns up dead too. 

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