Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Dolls on a Busy Day

Started off the morning with breakfast before I headed off to work. I wish I hadn't. Work was just as much of a pain as it was yesterday. I was listed as being a bagger today, but I had to go in for two cashier breaks and take customers. I wish they'd make up their minds. Am I bagger, or a cashier?

Took the long way home down Nicholson Road. It was a bright, sunny day, windy and warm, but cooler than it has been. There was a little traffic on Nicholson, but the White Horse Pike surprisingly wasn't that bad. We need more rain. The grass is brittle and dry, and the gardens are starting to droop.

Went home, changed, and went right back out on the bike. I had one more errand to run I forgot about yesterday. My first stop was at the bank. Only person was ahead of me, though there was a fair line in the drive-through. 

Tried a soda I never saw before at WaWa. Fanta usually specializes in very sweet fruit flavors, but I found a "mystery flavor" flavor in a bright blue color that's zero sugar. It was almost...coconutty? With a hint of berry. Not bad. 

When I got back in, I went straight into changing most of the dolls into bathing suits for this hot weather. Barbara Jean and Ariel wear the tropical floral and green and white shamrock suits that came with that Amazon doll clothes collection Lauren sent me for Christmas two years ago. Whitney has a purple Popsicle print suit that's also from Lauren. Jessa's purple and magenta print Island Luau suit is a modern AG outfit from the early 2000's, with a more recent Our Generation top and pale green jelly shoes. Jess's suit, Samantha's navy blue 1904 Bathing Costume, and Molly's 1944 peach suit came from eBay.

Josefina and Felicity come from time periods where swimming wasn't considered ladylike. Josefina's in her pretty beige Party Dress with the sweet flower print and fringed moccasins. Left Felicity in her Summer Gown. I really don't have much to change her into.

Had enough time to catch Press Your Luck as I put the dolls' things away. The Whammies didn't really fly until the second half. They hit the guy in the middle hard, leaving it between the other guy and the one woman. In the end, she wound up with a silver tea service, trips to Mexico and Boston, a camper, a ton of cash, and only one Whammy.

Tried to focus on writing for a while after the show ended. Jack gets Richard on the ground when Charles remembers the Vorpal Sword. He kicks it to Richard, allowing him to knock Jack down. Jack finally rides off in a huff, leaving the others to congratulate him. But he's not quite the same as before...

Broke for Match Game '77 as dinner was being prepared. Southern belle Mary Ann Mobley was very happy when a handsome young college student requested a kiss from her! Tom Poston just wanted to watch. They had less luck with "__ O" in the Audience Match.

Was called down for an enjoyable and large dinner and didn't get to Match Game PM until the second half. Dick Martin and sarcastic Conny Van Dyke joined Fannie Flagg and the regular to figure out "Stranger __" in the Audience Match. Richard had more fun with "Father and __" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night with an earlier Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, Indestructible Man. Double-crossed crook Butcher Benton (Lon Chaney Jr) dies in the electric chair. He's revived by a scientist (Robert Shayne) who hopes to find a cure for cancer, but only renders him mute and indestructible instead. While Butcher looks to get revenge on the lawyer (Ross Elliot) who set him up, the detective on his trail (Max Showalter) falls for Butcher's ex-girlfriend (Marion Carr). 

A genuinely interesting story is brought down by a lot of campy details, like Showalter's constant and annoying Dragnet-style narration, and the story's habit of getting bogged down in all talk and no action. It's too bad, because Chaney's excellent as the angry criminal bent on justice, and Carr's pretty decent as the girl in between him and the law. 

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