Friday, July 08, 2022

Where to Go From Here?

I slept so late, by the time I got to eating, Match Game '75 was on. The first one was the episode where the toaster that held Gene's questions kept falling down. First Charles, then the male contestant had to hold it while Gene grabbed his question. The second featured a handsome contestant from Texas with shoulders wide enough to throw a whole barrel of oil across the state, but his answers left something to be desired.

Headed out around quarter after 1. First stop was Rose's house to drop off Finley's birthday present. I probably should have texted Craig to find out when he was home, but the last time I tried to talk to him, Rose got angry with me for talking to her family behind her back. I pinned a letter for Rose to the bag, saying I'm doing fine and I'd like to talk to her. I'm going to give her two weeks. If I hear from her by the end of July, great. If I don't, I'm not going to wait around for her to grow up and accept my choices.

Dodged post-lunch traffic on the White Horse Pike and Cuthbert next on my way to Target. Target had long lines as people bought birthday presents or groceries. There's a lot of things I've been wanting to pick up and forgot, like Q-Tips, or needed to restock, like date bars, trail mix (found a Target "turtle" limited edition trail mix on clearance) B-12 vitamins. I also grabbed a book called How are You, Really? about figuring out what your passion is and what to do with it. 

Dollar Tree is now Dollar Twenty-Five Tree, thanks to inflation. Still, it's the cheapest place to buy cards, and I wanted to grab some smaller things for a friend. Soda's cheaper there than anywhere else, too - grabbed Diet Pepsi. Also had to wait in a long line here, though it moved fast.

Though it never rained today, the clouds were still dark and heavy, and it was hot and the air was thick enough to cut. This was no day for a lot of running around. Thankfully, Cuthbert cleared out by the time I started back, allowing me to duck across the street and get home in a decent amount of time. 

Went straight upstairs and into Tattletales when I got home. Hal "Mark Twain Tonight" Holbrook and his wife Carol Rossi did better than yesterday (when they got nothing), but they still couldn't beat Orson and Carolyn Bean. This time, the duo got over 400 for the yellow "banana" section.

Press Your Luck started out subdued, with no Whammies in the first half. They came out in force during the second. In fact, everyone got hit with so many, the champ only managed to pick up $700 and still won the game. 

Looked over How are You Really? after Press Your Luck ended. I wish I knew. I know I need a better job and a better home, and I want something to do with writing, but...what? How to do it? Every time I try to do a job search, I end up looking for good jobs, only to see that they require more experience or skills than I have, or they want a go-getting multitasker, not someone like me. 

Went online, but I mostly got to editing before breaking for dinner. Watched Match Game '77 while I ate, and then Match Game PM during dessert. And I got my schedule. In good news, three days off and no long hours. Thing is, I'm back to under 25 hours a week. Not good, but not as devastating as it would have been two years ago, thanks to that money in the bank. I absolutely must find a job with hours that are a lot more stable, or ones I make myself. I can't keep doing this 40-hours-one-week, 20-hours-the-next thing. 

Cleaned up downstairs, then finished the night online with hour-long mystery-comedies. Angela Landsbury gets a double role in the second-season Murder She Wrote episode "Sing a Song of Murder." Jessica Fletcher's cousin Emma owns and stars in a music hall in London. She says someone has tried to kill her, and even fakes her own death to avoid them. When Emma's loyal maid (Glyns Johns) is killed in a hit-and-run wearing her coat, Jessica realizes that not only does someone want Emma out of the picture, but they know she isn't dead.

Things are a little less hairy on The Love Boat. A wife on her second honeymoon (Rose Marie) says "Aunt Emma, I Love You" and even brings her painting along. Her husband (Sid Cesar) wishes she'd just forget the damn painting for five minutes. It's "The First Romance" for a young man (Philip McKeon) who falls for his absent father's secretary (Irena Ferris)...and isn't overly happy when Dad (Bert Convy) shows up and says he's in love with her, too. The crew gets involved in "Hoopla" when the Harlem Globetrotters (themselves) have to cancel their game in Mexico, to the consternation of their enterprising manager (Darrow Igus). Issac convinces the crew to play the Globetrotters, and while they may be shorter and slower, they do have an enthusiastic "secret weapon" - Vicki! 

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