Wednesday, July 20, 2022

How to Avoid the Heat

To my shock, it was past 12:30 when I looked at the clock next to my bed this morning. I don't normally sleep that late! I guess I really have been that tired lately. 

It was past 1:30 when I finally got moving with brunch and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Goofy returns to the Clubhouse wearing what he thinks is a hat with a pom pom. It's really a nest with an egg in it. He and Mickey have to return "Goofy's Bird" to its mother in the woods.

Spent the next few hours messing around online and doing research. I'm thinking of going further afield next month. Not to Virginia, but I haven't been to Atlantic City since 2016. I used to make the train trip once a summer, but for the last six or so years, either I've been busy at work, or too broke for trips. And in 2020, not only was the pandemic at its worst, but I had a broken elbow and I moved. 

The other trip I'm considering is up the river. A few people have mentioned taking the Transit River Line train up to see various small towns on the Delaware River. Sounds like it might be fun. I'll have to check schedules and see how long the ride will take.

Broke for a very late lunch at 4. Watched Press Your Luck while I ate. Later talk show host Jenny Jones appeared in her second and final day on the show. She did well until the second half, when everyone got slammed with Whammies. In the end, the other woman managed to pick up over 24,000, with two vacations among her prizes.

Did some writing after that. Dick the Lion and Dolly the Unicorn are about to start fighting again when ear-splitting drums start playing out of nowhere. They're so loud, they send Brett, Charles, Orson (Bean) the March Hare, and Jimmie (Walker) the Dodo over a brook and into the next square. 

Watched episodes of Let's Make a Deal between a late dinner and cleaning up from it. The second one was especially fun, as a gentleman in a business suit won a vacation to Hawaii and a lady in a flesh-colored body stocking and flower crown who was supposed to be Eve first picked up a grandfather clock and a stereo, then got designer workout clothes and gym equipment. The big winner was a couple wearing leaves and plastic bags, who traded in money and got a beautiful fur coat that looked terrific on the lady as the Big Deal of the Day.

Finished the night online after a shower with vintage sitcom episodes featuring wacky Bill Daily. Howard (Daily), Bob Harley's (Bob Newhart) neighbor on The Bob Newhart Show, is nervous about his younger sister visiting. He acts like she's a baby, but she's really a swinging 22. He's ready to say "Not With My Sister, You Don't" when she wants to go out with dentist Jerry (Peter Bonerz). 

In I Dream of Jeannie, Jeannie (Barbara Eden) is fed up with her master Tony (Larry Hagman) paying more attention to college football games than to her. She conjures up a handsome man she calls "Tony Millionaire" to make him jealous. It works, to the point where he even calls his buddy Roger (Daily) from Alaska to find out when her birthday is. Tony wonders "How Do You Beat Superman?," until he catches Jeannie's little ruse. 

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