Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Lady In the Tutti Frutti Hat

Got a quick start today with breakfast, then writing. The Red King called "all the king's horses and all the king's men" to help Humpty Dumpty, but they all ran off but Sir Jack (Klugman), the Red Knight. They're also after the Mad Hatter, who is one of Queen Betty's messengers. They don't want him or Orson the March Hare to get back to Wonderland and tell Queen and King of Hearts what happened to White King Gene. 

Broke for a very quick lunch before dashing out. At least it was a nice day to hurry off to work! Sunny, bright, windy, far hotter than yesterday, but not really humid. I didn't really see too many people out and about, but they may have all been at lunch.

Work was on-and-off busy, likely due to this being the day seniors get a five percent discount. There's a senior housing building two blocks from the store. Not only was it too nice of a day for most people to be shopping, but a lot of folks are likely waiting for either the beginning of the month or the holiday weekend or both. I did have a one woman who cheerfully complained about the prices and said she wouldn't be coming back, and another one of those people who somehow think they'll be able to buy 300 worth of groceries for 100 and put half of it back. If you're going to have a cart filled with giant bags of chicken and shrimp and huge packs of beef, it's not going to be under 100...and that would have been true even before the pandemic began.

Came home in time for the Audience Match on Match Game PM. Jon "Bowser" Bauman is thrilled when he gives the top answer for "Doll __" and "Good as __." Brianne Leary is more nervous when she has to help with "__ Hockey." 

Watched the finale of Sale of the Century while eating a late dinner. It was between the two gentlemen in the last episode of the 1983-1989 run. Even after buying a jukebox, the champ still jumped ahead in the Speed Round. He finished off the show with one last big win on the Bonus Round as well.

Finished the night online with Something for the Boys. I go further into this bizarre World War II vehicle for Carmen Miranda and Perry Como at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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