Friday, June 24, 2022

Hot and Bothered (Getting Things Done)

Slept in this morning and read until almost 11:30. Finally had my brunch while watching Match Game '75. In honor of the show's German counterpart, Gene replaced all blanks with the words "Schnick Schanck." Apparently, the Germans have no word for "blank" in their language. This lead to many German accent jokes, including from Richard Dawson, who knew real Germans and Austrians doing Hogan's Heroes

Headed out shortly after the next episode began. First stop of the day was Goodwill. I had a bag of books and records to donate. Finally found the donation center behind the shopping center. The door was open and surrounded by carts. I dropped my bag in the cart closest to the back door and headed out. Went around to the main store to check out the shelves, but I didn't see anything I really needed. I've bought enough junk lately.

Dodged lunch hour traffic in the parking lots and headed up to the Acme to do grocery shopping. Mainly needed something for lunch next week; grabbed scones. Larabars were on sale for a dollar each. I skipped the packaging and bought 7 in various flavors instead. Had a free online coupon for the new Biosteel electrolyte drink and 2 dollars off for the large container of blueberries. 

Not entirely happy with my schedule next week. In good news, Monday and Thursday off, Monday for counseling. Considering it's supposed to pour on Monday, it's a good thing I do have counseling that day! I also have three 8 1/2 hour shifts, including all of next weekend, plus I'm bagging on Wednesday again.

Since I went down West Clinton on my way through Oaklyn, I stopped there for a quick lunch. Wanted something better than pizza, so I had a tomato, feta, and spinach quiche, apricot shortbread cookies, and a "Manor Mixer" (milk with crushed strawberries and juice) at Common Grounds Coffee House. They were busy for them with people chatting over tables, even by quarter of 3.

Next stop was the CVS on the border of Collingswood and Oaklyn. They were having a buy one, get one 50% off on the shampoo and conditioner I use. Their nuts tend to be cheaper than the Acme's, too. Bought unsalted mixed nuts. And...I just wanted to see if they were still open. I did hear one of the cashiers mention that the Westmont store closed June 9th. Like I said, I'm guessing they finally succumbed to the competition. There's a Rite Aid and a Walgreens within walking distance of that store on either side of Haddon Avenue, plus Target and two more Rite Aids in Collingswood and Haddonfield.

Headed home after that. Had a snack and rested while watching two episodes of Police Squad. This is the original Zucker Brothers spoof of police shows that eventually lead to The Naked Gun series. It starts off with "A Substantial Gift," or "The Broken Promise," as the narrator reads in the opening. A blonde secretary a credit union kills her boss and one of her customers to steal their money and frame the latter. Lieutenant Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielson) thinks there's definitely something up and talks to a dentist who says a mouthful.

Drebin hits the "Ring of Fear" or "A Dangerous Assignment" when he's assigned to investigate the apparent suicide of a boxer. The boxer's manager, Mr. Frank, insisted on all his pugilists taking dives and handing him the money. Drebin takes control of the management of one of them, Bobby Briggs, and sets him up to beat "the Champ" fairly. When Frank has Bobby's drunk wife kidnapped, Drebin has to race against time to rescue her and bring her back to cheer her husband on.

Worked on writing for a while after the episodes ended. Humpty-Deacon finally points them back into the woods and tells them that to jump the square, they have to jump his wall. They finally do so when he decides he's had enough and simply ignores them. 

Broke for dinner and Match Game '74 at 6:30. Richard happily spends the episode flirting with a very pretty blonde. The others have to figure out what Tom Thumb will use to float in and who "___ Hopper" is in the Audience Match. Richard at one point finally turns around and tells Brett to "shut up, you hamburger!"

Had dessert during Match Game PM. Gene's impressed with a slender redheaded contestant who stands 6 feet, 7 inches and is amused by a lady with a very thick southern accent. Dick and Dolly Martin are more impressed with each other. The others try to figure out how a man likes his women and his eggs, Brett scolds Gene for being off-key, and Dick tries to help with "Debbie __" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night The Roku Channel with free shows there. Charlie's Angels find themselves involved in "Dirty Business" when a sleazy film publisher hires them to find out who's been threatening him and tried to burn his product. Turns out, not only is the guy a pornographer who makes sex films, but he films wealthy people in compromising positions and use them for blackmail...and he's filmed someone where they shouldn't be...

Switched to I Dream of Jeannie for the black and white first season episode "Guess What Happened On the Way to the Moon?" Tony and Roger are sent into the desert to learn survival tactics. Jeannie is shocked to see her beloved master sweating and thirsty, so she makes food and shelter appear for him. Not only does Tony have to explain why he's so healthy after a week in the desert, but Roger isn't happy he seems to have gotten deluxe treatment. 

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