Thursday, June 09, 2022

June Is Bustin' Out All Over

I was delighted to see sun when I woke up this morning. By the time I had breakfast, the clouds were long gone. I thought it was supposed to rain into the early hours, but all that was left when I headed out to work were large puddles. 

That may have been the most exciting thing that happened today. Work was boring, when it wasn't annoying. We went between being stone-cold dead to long lines down the aisles and back again in a blink. They don't have enough help in the morning and afternoons. There were a lot of grumpy people, too, including at least two who wouldn't help me bag and held up the line. Thank goodness it was back to being quiet when I finished, allowing me to head out on time.

It was still a beautiful day when I headed out, sunny, breezy, a bit humid, and much cooler. It was such a lovely day, I took the long way home down Nicholson Road, despite it being rush hour. It was worth dodging traffic on Nicholson and the White Horse Pike to enjoy sweet-scented rosebushes and trees with full-grown, dark green leaves waving in the breezes.

Got home in time for dinner and Match Game '74. Jack Narz, of Concentration and Now You See It, made this a bit of a Buzzr crossover. The others, including Elaine Joyce and Fannie Flagg, teased Fannie about her fried eggs sweater and everyone's answers to how one streaks for a soft-spoken Frenchwoman. Plenty of jokes about what the first McDonald's at the North Pole sells and Richard's answer for "__ Brush" in the Head-to-Head in the second.

Cleaned up while watching Match Game PM. This was the nighttime episode for the infamous week in 1978 where Brett and Jack Klugman appeared together after their divorce. Bill Anderson hoped he could have even more luck with "__ Broken" in the Head-to-Head.

Jodie called during the game. I hadn't heard from her in ages. She sounded pretty happy, other than she's still angry at Rose for not being more of a help with finding me a place, and she still doesn't think she did anything wrong last year. She has indeed found a house at Ocean City with four bedrooms. She says she's not angry with me at all and invited me to stay some weekend this summer. We'll see what happens. 

Finished the night on Amazon Prime with Presenting Lily Mars. I go further into this charming Judy Garland vehicle based after a Booth Tarkington novel at my Musical Dreams Move Reviews blog.

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