Wednesday, June 01, 2022

You're My Best Friend

We slept in on our first full day of vacation. It was nearly 11:30 by the time we headed out. First stop was WaWa. Lauren brought water, but I didn't. I got a pretzel, too, since I didn't have much of a breakfast.

Next up, we headed to Abbie Road, the used media store on Market Street in Audubon. Talked to Bob the owner and sorted through his considerable stock of DVDs, CDs, and records. We both made really good finds for good prices here, after nearly two hours of searching. He had huge stacks of TV sets on DVD. Lauren ended up with the first season of McCloud with Dennis Weaver and the sets for Match Game and the All-Star Family Feud specials (the same Match Game set I bought off eBay a few years ago), among others. 

It was nearly 2 PM when we finally made our way past Wal Mart to Sonic for lunch. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and breezy and not nearly as warm as yesterday, if still pretty humid. We thought it was still perfect for a fast-food picnic. So did what looked like a group of teen boys and their teachers from a near-by boys' school or Catholic high school, from their uniforms. I suspected they were likely on their way back from some school trip or the other. We watched them chatter and listened to an older lady pushing her luggage rant as we waited for our orders.

I had a burger, tater tots, and a strawberry limeade. Lauren had a hot dog, iced tea, and fries. The burger wasn't bad, but it was eclipsed by the limeade made with real crushed strawberries and the perfectly salty and crispy tater tots. Lauren seemed to enjoy her hot dog, too. And the boys sure looked like they had a good time! Everyone but the older lady left at the same time. The kids went to the parking lot; we doubled back to the mall.

Checked out GameStop next. I may pick up a Nintendo Switch somewhere along the line, but right now, I don't really have the time for video games. We walked out with nothing. Lauren bought a few shirts at Marshalls and Ross, but I only sometimes find clothes there. We both did much better at Goodwill. Lauren picked up a few shirts; I found a pair of drawstring jean shorts with elastic waists. Most of my shorts are either worn to nearly falling apart, way too big, or both. 

Oh, and in addition to the shorts, between Abbie Road and Goodwill, I picked up:

F-Troop: The Complete First Season

The deluxe Warners set for the Dr. Seuss special Horton Hears a Who! that also includes the TNT Seuss specials Daisy-Head Mayzie and The Butter Battle Book and the short Horton Hatches the Egg

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Series 1

Happy Days: The Complete Fourth Season

The Best of the Andrews Sisters 

Happy Holidays Vol. 16

Shearing On Stage

The original Broadway cast album for Silk Stockings

The Time Life Treasury of Christmas Vol 2 Disc A & B 

Soul of the 70's - another Time-Life 2-disc set

(And the records were half-price at Goodwill, to my surprise and delight.)

Our last stop of the day was the Acme. Lauren had all the snacks she needed, but I wanted nuts and more of those yummy fudge-topped shortbread cookies. She did end up getting a Pepsi Zero. 

No wonder I got this week off without question. They were dead when we got in around 4 PM. I saw a manager walking  home when we were going to Sonic, but there weren't too many other people around. The only reason we had to wait in the express line was a lady wanted a turkey ham that had no label, and the kid had to go get one. 

By that point, it was getting hotter and even more humid, and we were both tired. Not to mention, the walk home from the Acme is longer than it used to be when I lived on the other side of Oaklyn. I called Uber for a ride home. It did take him almost 20 minutes to arrive, and we hit some traffic on Nicholson, but he was very sweet and got us home fast after he went through the tunnel under the train bridge.

Put on Match Game '79 as we got organized. Hunky Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden and lovely Audrey Landers joined Bert Convy (who was appearing on the show for the first time since at least 1975), Patty Duke, and the regulars to figure out the obvious answer to "Patty __" in the Audience Match. They also got to help a lady who returned after Gene made a mistake and blurted out an answer in a previous episode. The second episode brought more jokes about "__ of the North." 

We were going to watch some of the All-Star Family Feud episodes, but for some reason, we couldn't get it to work in my DVD player. Switched to McCloud instead as we ate dinner. As it turned out, Richard Dawson appeared in an early episode of the second longest-running (after Columbo) NBC Sunday Mystery Movie series. McCloud (Dennis Weaver), a Texas sheriff on assignment in New York City. Dawson is temperamental British director Ted Callender, whose controversial productions have half of Broadway up in arms. Someone's been taking pot shots at him, and McCloud has to figure out who has it in for the womanizing theater maven in "Manhattan Manhunt."

Returned to Buzzr in time for Match Game PM. Richard clearly wasn't happy to be there by this point. He barely interacted at all, except to make a crack in the beginning about the very attractive female contestant. The male contestant said he was studying to be a lawyer, but that didn't help him with the game. He never got a single match, not even from Charles. Charles had more luck helping the winner with "Moth __" in the Head-to-Head.

Lauren threw on The Price Is Right: The Barker Era Roku channel while I was in the shower, so we finished the night with that. Sometime in the mid-80's, The Price Is Right did a week of episodes with prizes introduced by and revolving around popular CBS soap operas of the time. I recognized Guiding Light, which ran for over 70 years on radio and TV, and The Young and the Restless continues to run on CBS to this day. Capitol was a new one on me, though. The prizes all revolved around the shows and their storylines, ranging from a handsome archeologist giving away gold bars to lunch with one of those handsome Young and Restless gentlemen. 

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