Monday, June 06, 2022

Walking On Sunshine

Got a quick start today around 11. We were originally going to take the bus to Market Place at the Garden State Park, but Lauren was wary of a long walk after what happened on Saturday. We finally decided better safe than sorry and took Uber. A pleasant older gentleman picked us up and dropped us off at Land's End within 20 minutes.

Land's End was our first stop of the day. I was a little disappointed. They didn't have good sales on tank tops, like they have the last few times I was there. In fact, most of the plus size section was taken over by bathing suits. Neither of us picked up anything here.

We strolled to the other side of the complex to have lunch at Chick Fil'A. While their indoor seating has reopened, it was still too nice to eat inside. Lauren had a Spicy Chicken Deluxe and I had a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a "Cloudberry Sunjoy," a sweet iced tea-lemonade drink. She texted her managers back and forth, teasing them about getting to eat Chick Fil'A, while I enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine, fresh breezes, and dry lower-80's temperatures. 

We were in and out of stores for the next few hours. She bought vitamin C drops to suck on at Christmas Tree Shoppes. I bought a roll of Tums after my heartburn returned. Neither of us found anything at Dick's Sporting Goods or Best Buy. I bought a pretty floral blouse at TJ Maxx's, the first book in a mystery series about a witch working at her aunt and uncle's bakery I found at the Haddon Township Library at Barnes and Noble, and underwear at Nordstrom's Rack. She bought a magazine at Barnes & Noble and shirts at the Gap and Nordstrom's Rack. 

Lauren had never seen a Trader Joe's, and I'd only been in there once. They're a small grocery store based around sustainable, healthy food...and from what I could see, good prices. Their salt-free peanut butter was far cheaper than even the now-verboten Jiff at the Acme. I also picked up a container of coconut macaroons and the first real sugar-covered orange slices I've ever seen. Lauren bought dried cherries and candied ginger. 

Shake Shack is an outlying gray blocky building in the parking lot. They're a small streamlined burgers-and-shakes joint with a nifty food ordering system. You chose what you want on what amounts to an iPad. It took me a few minutes, but I finally went with a Purple Cow Float - grape soda and frozen vanilla custard. Lauren had an iced tea and a hot dog, and we shared crinkle fries with flaky salt. The fries were amazing, perfectly crispy. The float was...very sweet and very purple. The vanilla custard was delicious, though, creamy and cool. I may just get a dish of that next time.

Quickly stopped at Cardhartt on our way back to Land's End. They mostly sell men's clothing, but they did have almost-all-cotton socks. I bought a 3-pack for work.

Picked up the Uber going home back at Land's End. The driver took one look at the traffic on Cuthbert and turned to Cooper River Park, passing through the small neighborhoods of Haddon Township and Collingswood and down through Newton Lake Park. It would have been more pleasant if he didn't keep stopping and starting every few minutes, including where he didn't need to.

We went straight upstairs and got organized after we got in. Put on Match Game '74 while we worked. Perky little Jackie Joseph sported a flowered headband and dress from her trip to Hawaii as everyone gave strange (but then-faddish) answers to what Methuselah does when he's given sneakers. The others help a mountain-man like contestant with a bushy blonde beard and long hair figure out "End of the __" in the Audience Match.

Had dinner during Match Game PM. Lovely Lee Merriweather, Robert Mandan of Soap, and comedian Richard Paul got to see Gene ask a contestant questions about the strange crest on his jacket. They tried to figure out what Dumb Dora needed a recipe to make and wondered about "__ and I" in the Audience Match. Richard was more nervous helping the contestant with "Tokyo __" in the Head-to-Head.

Finished the night with Hart to Hart on The Roku Channel. They're "Bahama-Bound Harts" in the fourth season when they're invited to the home of a notorious recluse. Johnathan thinks it's odd that a man who hasn't been seen in years has suddenly become so friendly. He has reason to be concerned. His greedy assistant has her own plans for his boss...and for his considerable fortune. 

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