Saturday, June 18, 2022

Windy Harvest

Got a quick start this morning heading off to the Farm Market. You'd never know it's three days before summer's supposed to begin. It was cloudy, wildly windy, and very cool, barely in the 70's. I nearly got blown away just riding to Collingswood! Stopped at WaWa first to get money and a creamy strawberry-banana smoothie before going across the street.

Despite the windy weather and the late hour, the Farm Market was still very busy. It being nearly 11:30 meant the sellers were willing to negotiate. I picked up two tomatoes for four dollars. They were originally listed as $3.75. I was surprised to see peaches at the orchard booth already. They said they were as surprised as I was that peaches debuted so early in the season. Also grabbed out-of-state blueberries and saw the first patty-pan squash and zucchini of the season. 

Needed to use the bathroom, so I rushed two blocks down and across Haddon Avenue to the Collingswood Library. Dug through their books for sale and came up with a Fannie Flagg title, The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion, for a dollar.

After briefly looking for an estate sale on Cuthbert, I made a stop at the Haddon Township Library. I was hoping to find the last book of the Caraval trilogy or more of Fannie's books, but no luck. The only Caraval book they had was Legendary, the second, which I just finished, and I read everything they had of Fannie's. 

Did better at a very busy Target. Bought apple pie Target and blueberry Larabars date bars and a diet ginger ale. Stopped at Dollar General on my way home for more electrolyte tube drink mixes. They were also busy, though not quite as bad as Target. I was in and out of both places. 

Found a nifty yard sale on Cuthbert, about two blocks from Westmont Plaza. They sold a wide variety of clothes, shoes, hats, and collectibles, many of them vintage. Alas, I didn't have much left in the way of actual cash at that point. I took a look around and moved on. 

Watched some Match Game '74 when I got in and had lunch. Arrived in time to see everyone give their answers to "Moonlight __" on the Audience Match, including Charles teasing Brett about hers. Richard and Brett exchange insults during the "__ Watch" Head-to-Head. 

Switched to Poor Little Rich Girl on YouTube about half-way through the next episode as I laid down on my game chair to relax. I go further into this classic Shirley Temple film about a rich little girl who runs away from her neglectful father and joins a vaudeville couple at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Wrote my review, then worked on writing for a while. Yes, the Jabberwock can fly easily between worlds. After a few minutes, Brett sees green land under them. She recalls to Charles that Red Queen Fannie (Flagg) told her that the next square is the home of Humpty Dumpty. Richard was supposed to help them through the square after that, but after the Red King threw him out the window at White Castle, Brett has no idea if he's even alive.

Finally broke for dinner at 7:30. Watched two more Family Feud episodes. This one came from a special week of the daytime run featuring heroes and heroines of famous action shows playing for charity. The heroes - among them Greg Morris of Vega$ and Mission: Impossible, Lyle Waggoner of Wonder Woman, and Adam West of Batman - beat the heroines (including Beverly Garland of The Scarecrow and Mrs. King and West's fellow Batman alumni Yvonne Craig) in both episodes and picked up the Fast Money both times. (I'd love to see the rest of the week and find out if the ladies ever caught up with the guys.)

Returned to YouTube for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir after I ate. Poor Claymore wants to be a "Ladies Man" in the second season, but he's shy and hopeless with women, not to mention a cheapskate. Captain Clegg despairs of him ever becoming as suave as the rest of the family. Mrs. Muir convinces friends of hers to come on to him at a cafe...which makes him thinks Mrs. Muir is interested in him!

Finished the night with The Lawrence Welk Show. Dug way back in the show's history for a Father's Day episode. This show from 1960 is one of the earliest I've found on YouTube. It's really more of a celebration of Welk's first five years on the air than a Father's Day show, including representatives of Dodge coming on to praise Welk for helping them sell more cars than ever. We do get the Lennon Sisters singing with their father, though, revealing where they got their talent.

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