Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Rock and Roll and Feuds

This time, I started off with a quick breakfast while watching the remaining part of the All-Star Family Feud special. WKRP In Cincinatti faced off against Real People...but reality proved to be no match for an underrated radio sitcom. WKRP won the round and the Fast Money and earned the gold trophies.

Worked on writing for the rest of the morning. Turns out the Jabberwock has a jagged piece of wood in its paw. Brett pulls it out, winning the creature's trust, just as Charles gets the Vorpal Sword. She has an idea of how to return to Looking Glass Land - get the Jabberwock, who can fly freely between the two worlds. to take them there.

Broke for a very quick lunch, then rushed out to work. Stopped on the way to drop off that application in the mail. It rained overnight, but by noon, the rain was long gone. It wasn't even wet anymore. It was hot, humid, and hazy, in the mid-80's. 

None of that stopped work from being busy this afternoon. We had long lines for a lot of the day. Many schools let out for the year sometime between today and Friday, and parents now needed more snacks and meals for their offspring. It's also Senior Discount Day, and there's a lot of graduations (and graduation parties) going on this week. Plus Father's Day and Juneteenth are this Sunday. Other than one woman who gave me a hard time over the bags and I have a hard time keeping up with the express lane traffic without panicking. there were no major problems. It slowed down enough by 6:30 for me to leave without a relief.

Got home in time for Match Game PM. Gary Burghoff happily spent the episode drooling over Judy Landers, who sat next to him in the ingĂ©nue seat, and hiding from the camera while Nipsey Russell fired off his famous poems. Nipsey's a lot less confident when he has to give the answer to "Jury __" in the Head-to-Head. 

Let Sale of the Century run while I ate dinner. It was all about the men tonight. The one woman probably answered three questions the whole show. Though the challenger did win a Fame Game and the champ spent his lead on the Instant Cash, he also won money on a later Fame Game, bought both Instant Bargains, and blew the other guy away at the Speed Round. He had a lot of trouble with the Bonus Round, though...

Finished the night with Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I go further into this indie drama about a gay man from East Germany who becomes a rock drag queen at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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